Thursday, October 23, 2008

See ya Bill

We farewelled sis in law's father today. If a funeral can be excellent, it was. While he led a fairly hard life when he was younger, he was an interstate truck driver, he mellowed after his heart attack at the age of sixty and gave up his heavily indulged in vices and lasted another twenty years.

He was a nice old bloke. He visited us once when we hosted a christmas dinner and spent most of his time sitting on the balcony watching the trams and he remarked how colourful they were compared to the old days of cream and green only. He did have his own exploration of the apartment and managed to walk into a mirrored wardrobe door, thinking there was more beyond.

The cemetery and the service were really good with over one hundred attending. R, Sister, Little Jo and I sat in the spacious foyer and watched the service on large tv screens. Little Jo failed to appreciate the solemnity of the occasion, so it was great to be able to see and hear the service without worrying about her being disruptive.

As it was an early funeral, I thought we may have had the afternoon to ourselves, but no, back to Langwarrin for the very sober, on our part, wake.

We arrived home at 4pm after stopping off at sister's for a bit to replace her bedroom light socket. Of course it wouldn't be as simple as two single wires. No, a total of eight wires into four holes while stretching to reach from her bed. As per usual, a five minute job turned into over half an hour. Sister had no confidence in her brother and left the room for the switching on ceremony, but it was fine.

Little Jo tires us out, well everything tires us out nowadays. R collapsed on the bed and I collapsed in front of you know what.

The website for Bunurong Memorial Park is here if you want to look. A nice place to rest.


  1. He must have been a good bloke to have 100 at his funeral at an age when one's friends have all had their own funerals.
    Sympathy from me for your loss, and also for the sober wake - I love the ones that turn into a party.

  2. I'm planning on having my party before I go and I'm not having a funeral.

  3. "He did have his own exploration of the apartment and managed to walk into a mirrored wardrobe door, thinking there was more beyond."

    Let's hope he's finally found Narnia then, Andrew.

  4. Anonymous8:50 am

    Bill sounds like he was well loved.

    The best funeral I have ever attended (if one can have a 'best funeral') was that of a dear friend and mentor. She wasn't one for religion, so her memorial service was held in the restaurant of a beautiful winery in the Yarra Valley. She would have loved it.

  5. Anonymous9:58 am

    My condolences Andrew. Sad times but it sounds like he had a good send off.

    I agree, a sober wake can be terribly difficult.

  6. Double the expected number Ann. Dame M's wake turning into a pretty riotous affair.

    What if no-one come Jahteh? You will want to top yourself anyway.

    I get the reference Brian, but never read the books.

    That sounds like a ripper MD.

    Actually LiD, with Little Jo to look after, it was better that was really....and no repercussions or loose tongues.

  7. Sad but it sounds like it was a good send off for him.

  8. Anonymous12:43 pm

    My condolences, Andrew.

  9. Andrew,

    It transpires in the final book that all the kids in the story have been killed in a train crash and that Narnia is actually heaven.

    I hope that doesn't ruin it for anybody who hasn't read the books but has been following the films...

  10. Brian is a bad, bad boy. Andrew, don't believe him for a second.

  11. Wish you two would do your trans Atlantic flirting privately. :-P

  12. T'was Jayne.

    Ta Reuben.

    It won't ruin it for me Brian as I have no intention........

  13. Hi Andrew

    If you approach a funeral in the right spirit, it can be quite good fun. The problem is that you have to pretend you don't really want to be doing it because that would be sort of like saying you're GLAD the person died, which you obviously aren't, just pleased at the thought of having a party. So everyone has to act miserable, dooming the event from the start.



  14. Pants, I am not one for changing our language un-necessarily, but I do like the expression now used, Celebration of Life.