Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Satorial Splendour

You dudes can be pleased that you only get to suffer a few of the million and one blog posts that come to my mind. Here are two combined.

I saw a dude today, no, not a dude really, an elderly gent. He was walking along the street. He was not tall, and not slim and of a pretty old age. He carried a couple of supermarket plastic bags and I could see he was a consumer of Rev milk. Carrying supermarket bags did not quite match his image. He was wearing a dark blue double breasted pin striped suit of an excellent cut. The bit of his shirt showing was neatly pressed and his tie was tightly and neatly tied. He had a red kerchief in his lapel pocket and a Panama hat upon his head. His trousers were of the precisely correct length. Perhaps it was an odd outfit to go to the Coles to shop in, but he had clearly decided on a look some time ago.

As I approach old age, I think I would like a look. Perhaps I should try sagging, always a great look for an older person. No? I could get arrested for that look in some states of the US of A. Besides, I like to actually get my hands into my pockets for a decent fiddle and not just my finger tips.

This bloke made the mistake of coming to the tram stop where I was standing, and so gave himself up to me for closer scrutiny and he failed. Though, for someone his age to not have hair sticking out of his ears, he did well.

There was a nasty stain, perhaps food on the inner brim of his Panama, forgivable perhaps for an older person, but his real crime was his shoes weren't polished!!! They were dusty, scuffed and had not seen polish for yonks.

As a kid, my mother used to make me polish my shoes every night. Lucky if I do it once a fortnight now. But then I don't normally dress up like a pox doctor's clerk.

Well, not normally, but I probably need to look a bit decent tomorrow for sis in law's father's funeral in down town Carrum Downs. (This is the combo post part) Sister is taking us, and if Little Jo gets upset, then we will alternate to take her out of the ceremony and amuse her. Must say, I have never heard of this Bunurong cemetery in what is actually Dandenong South among industrial factories, but it is associated with Cheltenham Cemetery. Is that where you plan to go Jahteh?


  1. "Besides, I like to actually get my hands into my pockets for a decent fiddle and not just my finger tips."

    Do you mean what my dirty mind thinks these words mean?

  2. "They were dusty, scuffed and had not seen polish for yonks."

    He should be marched out of the city at gun point and made to buy a decent pair of sneakers instead.

  3. What do you mean "approach age" ?


  4. You perhaps could have spoken to the gent, asked him how he was, and maybe he would have given you answers to your question..then again, he might have given you an ear-full of his problems...causing you to alight at the next station? LOL

    I always ask my patients, while taking their observations down, what profession they were in. Of late, it is not un common for these patients to actually say they are still working, haven't ever left the profession per se'. Sad state of affairs that our older citizens even have to work beyond the years they would have otherwise retired...on a bush block, watching the cows come home etc etc. Then again, I cannot think of ever retiring myself, I just love what I do. I guess it depends on how dangerous things get out there, with abusive drug affected patients coming through..ahh, long ramble yes.
    Bununyong, spell check... I think it is also where there is a pet cemetry? Check it out.

  5. Haven't heard of the cemetery either but that's the name of the Aborigine tribe from that area, if that helps at all.

  6. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Poor fashion sense is to be admired.

  7. At what age does 'dude' turn into 'elderly gentleman'? Am I the latter?

  8. Of course Victor. At times the furniture needs a little re-arranging.

    Depends on what age you are when you make the judgement Andy. I am but a pup really.

    Yep Cazzie, I avoid conversation on public transport. If I want to hear a medical whinge, I will ring my mother. Good that there is the option to work but it is not for some and should not be forced.

    My brother told me that it is eight years old Jayne.

    I like picking on those who have plenty of money but poor fashion sense Reuben. I can always use the excuse that I am poor.

    No Victor, you have a few years grace yet.

  9. Anonymous6:08 pm

    I think fashion is immaterial. But as for wealth, I live in a run-down house in Thornbury...and exude fashion when I can.

  10. Okay I'll bite, which one was RH?

    As for Cheltenham Cemetary, too nouveau. I have a plot at the Pioneer Cemetary near the Chelt railway station. It's on the top of the hill overlooking the golf course, the park and State school no.84.

  11. Everyone follows it to a greater or lesser degree Reuben.

    None Jahteh. Your plot sounds very nice.