Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recommended Reading

I was not sure whether to laugh or be very annoyed when I saw this Youtube clip on Reuben's blog.
I'm afraid I'll go with the Dutch.
Here is the link. It is the top video.


  1. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Thanks for the mentioning, Andrew.

    Fox News is irrefutably nonsensical. You can't refute its nonsense, whilst at the same time, its so nonsensical, you can't refute back (without endangering your own ability to make a rational decision).

  2. The American media...almost as biased and self-servingly unethical as the BBC.

  3. Anonymous6:53 pm

    You can't equate Fox news to the BBC, Brian. Unless of course, it's BBC regional whose top stories (from what I saw in Bristol) consisted of "how to lose weight", followed by "cat set on fire" and such.

  4. It is easy for us in AU to know what Fox Media is like Reuben, coz our media tell us, but I am sure plenty of US people know too.

    Ditto Reuben's comment Brian. We get the very best of BBC in Australia, and its unbiased World Service is not matched anywhere. Dis your own local service, deservedly or not, but the world be a much poorer place without the Beeb. Well, Radio Australia is not too shabby either. As for Voice of America.....pure propaganda.

  5. Cat's set on fire? Our local news is never that exciting. If a sheep falls over it hits the headlines. Well, it does if it rolls far enough.

    The BBC, to be honest, has always been biased, which bothers me. Emotive language such as 'This evil, corrupt villain' when applied to people awaiting trial but not yet found guilty, and 'the grace and majesty of the royal family' when applied to that scurrilous group of inbred leeches, are unecessary adjectives in constantl use in the BBC's reports. Obviously the Beeb isn't a patch on the government controlled American media, of fact, by comparison, it's a beacon of virtue, but George Orwell did refer to it in 1984 as the ironically named 'Ministry for Truth'. (And he should know because he worked there.)

    Having said all that, I watched Sky News the other day. Never, ever, ever again.

  6. Shall we conclude then, that the BBC works within the system? And, I suppose, how could it do otherwise when the government decides it budget allowance.

  7. Can't for the life of me get the damn vid working but I'll assume from your comments that it's up to par with all things Fox News.

  8. Andrew,

    After the Princess Diana debacle and the frenzy the BBC news caused over Northern Rock, I'm more inclined to believe that the system works within the BBC.

  9. Anonymous3:07 pm


    Obviously you haven't watched 'Today Tonight'. Try it...but have a barf bag nearby.

  10. Reuben,

    I've watched 'Tonight' and I've watched 'The Day Today' and even 'This Morning' (well, about thirty seconds of 'This Morning' at any rate before I turned it off again), but I haven't heard of that one.

  11. Anonymous8:41 pm

    You get my's that bad.