Friday, October 17, 2008

Reading the Blogs

Something I did with my blog told me that I am subscribed via Google Reader to 98 blogs. I should add two more and crack the ton.

This is not as bad nor time consuming as you would imagine as many of the blog writers do not write anymore, some are porn and they are quick to get through. Some are just picture based. Some post once in a blue moon and it is no trouble to read their post when I am almost immediately alerted that they have posted. I don't have to check their blog daily, just in case they have posted something.

Then there is my inner circle, the ones who post reasonably often, if not daily. There are a few on the outskirts who don't post so often, but I feel a strong connection with them.

But there are two blogs that I dread seeing come up in Google Reader, because I just know I am going to have to put the kettle on and pour myself a nice cup of Stanley's finest Colombard, sit down and concentrate. They both write exceptionally well and interestingly and I value them as blog mates. But sheesh, I am used to fast and furious and I normally have the attention span of a gnat. But read them in detail I do. Thank god they don't post too often.

Take a bow Pants and Brian.


  1. Yes, exactly.
    Me too.
    bless 'em both.
    and Hot Andrew too.

  2. "They both write exceptionally well and interestingly..."

    Must be another Brian you're talking about there, Andrew.

    Wednesdays and Saturdays for my updates, incidentally, but if you skip through the waffle and mentally edit the fleshing out, you can get through 'em in no time at all.

  3. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I love waffles. There's no way I'm missing that when reading people's posts.

  4. Glad you agree Ann.

    I like the waffle Brian. Perhaps too dry otherwise.

    Agree Reuben.

  5. Hi Andrew

    'Thank god they don't post too often.'

    Thank you lovely. I'll take that as a compliment then, shall I?



  6. Indeed you should Pants.

  7. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Wow they really do write a lot, but write well. I try to restrict myself to a set length, otherwise I reckon most of my readers will just say "FUCK THAT".

  8. "I am used to fast and furious" no, no, I can't it's just too easy, like shooting gnats on a blog.

  9. Andrew,

    The alternative, of course, is to visit my Scrag Ends site. That tends to be short and...well...short if nothing else.

  10. I've always been impressed with Brian's artist talent, Andrew, but I had no idea he had so much to say.

  11. Yeah TDW, if you post often, you can't post long. And you have to know the demographic of your readers. I assume most of yours are young with short attention spans. Hey, I have something in common with young.

    Jahteh, previously used in reference to Spanish men. And leave my gnats alone.

    I do Brian. I did make a comment once. Only because I was trying to ingratiate myself. Retrospectively, I am unsure why.

    Daisy, how can you be impressed by someone who wants to turn his whole village into an excavation site? If I was a local, I would be onto my councillor to stop him and his ilk digging holes everywhere. Imagine if he came bashing at your front door and wanted to dig up your garage.

  12. Andrew,

    It was our local councillor's drive that we were digging last week, at his request. We never did find his contact lens, but he's got somewhere to plant his daffodils for next spring now.

  13. I'll expect to see a nice show of daffs on google earth then.

  14. My garage floor is cracked, so it needs replacing. Brian is the perfect man for the job. I also could use some new flower beds.

  15. Daisy, you'll need to provide me with a smattering of evidence for some ancient civilisation under your garage first. Or alternatively the airfare. In fact, just the airfare'll do. I just order other people to do all the digging anyway and I could do with a holiday...

  16. Andrew - what a great post! You have articulated what I've been thinking about this blog land I've suddenly found myself in. I love it! I love the short ones, thrown in with a few long ones. I love that I don't have to check 20 blogs every day, yet can get excited when I know the regulars will have updated. I love the community of blogs - how word passes around and suddenly you have random stranges entering your world of bizzare thoughts and reasonings. I particularly like the fact that we are somewhat random strangers - yet, chances are that we take the same tram to work in the mornings. You could even be the man that kept the door open for me at the shops the other day!
    Most of all, I love the creativity and individuality of the blogs - it really has restored my faith in the intelligence of mankind....

  17. Please Daisy!!! Brian's idea of a fine meal is bangers and mash. You'll have to feed him you know.

    Really nice comment Deb. Put better than I could. I have surrounded myself with intelligence and wit but fortunately not perfection. Not to be patronising, but your posts are good. Get stuck into the world of an online diary.

  18. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I would like to take some credit for introducing Deb to Andrew - and to the world of blogging.

    What wonderful writers are out there - who knew?

  19. Yep MD, a personal friend isn't she? What about your male friend who started too?