Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Razer Woman, take two

I think I wrote about her once or twice before. You can do the searching. I am sure I even included a picture, so it can't be hard to find.

The Razer woman has just been given the sack. I quite like Helen. She is incredibly clever and eloquent.

She presented the Sunday morning show on our ABC radio's local service, a show supposedly about arts. The media says that she has done it for three years. I find this hard to believe, but perhaps it is correct. That means that I have been listening to her for three years. Quell horrendous, or whatever.

I can't recall what was on our ABC local Melbourne Radio on a Sunday morning before the urbane old arts queen Clive Stark. The goss I could tell you on him...........

Then there was a couple of people presenting, a guy and a gal, but I can't really remember them.

Then there was Peter Clarke, surely the best of Sunday morning radio arts.

Along came the Razer woman. There was something about her that I liked, but her screechy voice, all about me, stuttering habits, extremely long words niggled at me all the time.

She has talents for sure, but ABC Local Radio Sunday Morning Arts was not the right place for her, if only for the fact that I learnt precious little about the arts while she was presenting.

The last straw seemed to be her interview with English playwrite Steven Berkoff. I heard it live and it was appalling. That an interviewer cannot deal with a grumpy old character like him, sealed her fate. I heard him interviewed by other ABC presenters and he was a bit prickly but fine, as they asked sensible questions.

Of course always in the back of my mind is why she was program manager for our local gay radio station for one week and then left or was sacked. Members of Joy Radio back then were not allowed to know what that was all about.

Sorry Helen, but it was not your niche, and I am surprised you lasted as long as you did. Best luck for you next role. Can we now go back to a proper ABC Sunday morning Arts presenter?


  1. "I heard it live and it was appalling."

    It's much better hearing any interview with Steven Berkoff if you're dead, I must admit.

  2. Heard the bits on Media Watch, cringe worthy when she can do so much better.

  3. He wasn't the most likeable bloke Brian.

    Pretty much as Media Watch had it Jayne.

  4. Is this sexist (OK. Rhetorical at its best)- but is Razer a complete tit? Or more accurately, a complete rack of 38 double D's. (Not that you were taking any notice, Shirl.)

    Like you, I've quite like her at times, but too often she exemplifies that old saying, "Too clever by half."

  5. Well M'lord, it seems no one is storming the doors of the ABC on her behalf. I wonder if she still would have been given the flick if she hadn't appeared on Media Watch.