Saturday, October 18, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #8

I will probably be too busy over the weekend to post anything (I heard that sigh of relief. Screw you!)

So here is a double banger. For as long as I can remember, this 711 has occupied this site on the corner of Blessington and Barkly Streets. I wonder how many times it has been robbed? What was there before anyone? Our soon to be local councillor, due to redistribution of electoral boundaries, lives in Blessington Street. I am working out an annoyed email to him in my head before he even gets the job. I think his name is Gross Dick and although straight, he is quite gay friendly, but I care little about gay friendly in a local councillor. It is all about the rubbish bins.

I had reason to be in area often as this apartment block was built on the old service station site on the corner of Barkly and Mitford Streets. How useful it would be to have a tram swinging down along Mitford Street, just like the old days. The apartments seemed very expensive at the time. I wish I could remember the figure. They probably weren't, but this is only said from today's perspective. I do recall looking at plans and some of them were weird shapes and tapered to useless corners in some rooms.


  1. " is a double banger."

    Mmm...double banger and chips. You're doing this deliberately, aren't you Andrew? You know I'm stuck with pasta for my bloody tea!

  2. Nooks and crannys in new apartments?
    They're not quite as hideous as the ones recently built in Warrigal Rd on an old petrol station site.
    Pebble dashing or ugly mock brick siding would make them look almost decent.

  3. Us Elwood (or in my case, ex-Elwood occasionally) schoolkids used to trawl those streets in search of meat.

  4. Hi Andrew

    You're so right - it is all about the rubbish bins.



  5. Brian, I have never had really bad pasta, but I have some really crook bangers.

    I know the site Jayne. I will look closer next time. I am usually driving going past when daylight, and nominated driver is usually driving when going home, but it is dark then.

    Meat Reuben? There is plenty of meat for cash around there. Did you get good pocketmoney?

    Yeah Pants. I would not mind councils getting involved in social areas if they got the basics right.

  6. I don't want any (to use the words of Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes) "cheap slut off the old Kent Road".

    We were hunting Wesley girls for a deep and meaningful time...for me, with no success...

    I'm about as sexually intelligent as a slab of butter.

  7. Saw Feral Queen's town house today - whoa! What brilliant planning; it looks like a tiny box from the outside and is a 3 storey Tardis on the inside, with well-worked weird shapes and no wasted space in sight.

  8. Love the quote Reuben.

    Not getting tempted to sell the family mansion Jayne?