Friday, October 10, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #7

This is an absolutely stunning building on Barkly Street, St Kilda. It is such a shame that it has changed from being the government owned bank, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the peoples bank, the bank for your most poor to get their home loan from, to being an office of an avaricious real estate agent.

Kneel at the front of Hocking Stuart. Property is your new god.


  1. I could live there especially if there was a nice secluded roof garden.

  2. I really hate the colour scheme, but I think I can point my finger solely at those bastards who make estates real.

    Having said that, the Commonwealth bank are also bastards. Big bastards.

  3. EEK!
    They've ruined the whole line and symmetry of the building with those revolting windows/door/pieces of glassy crap.
    Hand the damn thing over right now and we'll fix up that glaring mistake!

  4. Anonymous12:34 am

    Well it's the property god that has got the whole world in the mess it is in now.............

    So cant wait for the depression to hit and watch the market values plummet.........

  5. If the economy in Oz has gone the same that it has over here in the last week, it doesn't matter whether it's a bank or an estate agent, in six month's time it'll just be derelict.

  6. Looks like it could have Jahteh.

    I think it used to be a creamy yellow Reuben. It was better.

    At the bottom Jayne? Yes, I agree.

    At least council rates might fall Anon.

    We are fine here Brian. Our government assures us that we are well placed to withstand the global economic meltdown. Now I just need to check where my nearest soup kitchen is.

  7. Ironic, the meltdown. The anti-regulation lobby blames the fallout from too much regulation. A bit like patient blaming their doctor for not being lenient enough in their diagnosis.

  8. Good evening. Lunch today at Cafe Sienna: Simmons Street and Chapel. The old pub on the next corner is closed, something going on at the rear. When I was a toddler around there it was called The Morning Star, and there've been other names since, all forgettable, it's never done much in it's entire life. It ate my daddy, that's all it did, emptied his pockets and shrank his brain. Mind you, I said nothing of this, seated there with my companion, whose baby in a pusher had an oversized head. I ordered spaghetti marinana, $24.95. Eye Fillet was $34.00. I thought to order it, just for a laugh, but there are limits to disrespect. (For the dead.) Later we joined the parade, footpath extravaganza! Tattooed excellence! Oh Golly. My companion ploughed ahead, I admired her rebellion: the pusher bulldozed through, baby smiling all the way.


    I've been a gentleman on this blog, putting up with a lot.
    My failure was to cheer loudly.
    Scrape flatter and fawn.

  9. ah yes ... the memories ... in the old days, Managers lived above their banks - can't you just see the floral carpet?

    and Shocking Stupid will be good for a laugh when nobody can get a home-loan and they go out of business. Land Rats thrive off deaths and divorces.

  10. Hardly a lack of regulation Reuben, is it.

    A nice day out Robert. Bet you felt right at home in Chapel Street.

    The days when bank managers were both feared and respected Ann. Oh, and don't forget the flock wall paper.

  11. Hi Andrew

    In Britain old banks turn into discount stores. Arguable whether that's a more lowly use than estate agent.



  12. Darlings everywhere love to hear the pointless life and stupidity of RH. His many defeats. Modern life is increasingly nutty. Criteria for mental illness has had to be raised. Meanwhile greenery outside my window does its job, streaks of cloud beyond are paths to glory, I'm giving you another chance.

  13. Give me the pound shop any day Pants.

    Most gracious of you Robert.