Thursday, October 09, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #6

The Village Belle hotel in Barkly Street looks quite nice from the outside. Around the corner is a drive through bottle shop, or take away alcohol if you like.

I have only been in there once when a friend organised a tram party. The tram parked at the terminus and we trooped into the public bar and my friend in drag did a number on top of the bar. Needless to say, I did not take much notice of my surroundings. It takes a lot to surprise a St Kilda local, but they were amused.


  1. The Village Belle. I couldn't place it. It took a while.
    I think it was sedate, it must have been; I never went in there. This was continental St Kilda: the nice area (or 'precinct' as quacks will say), quite appropriate I think, alongside a street of cake shops. The crude belles were elsewhere.

  2. I once parked my car down the side street in the very right of the photo. That's the extent of my contribution.

  3. " friend in drag did a number on top of the bar."

    I hope they cleaned it up again afterwards, especially if it was a number two.

  4. A local hotel for local people Robert.

    Not sure that I would park my car in that street Rob.

    It was probably the sort of place that gets hosed out at the end of the night Brian.

  5. OK. The Orlando seems fine -but where is Shirl's hot totty *Bloom*

  6. It was a good pub, clean, a long way from the main *drag*.

  7. Very nice M'lord.

    Pun intended Robert.

  8. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Nice architecture.

  9. I knew it well in 1966 when I worked in the Commonwealth Bank on the corner opposite - which was a cafe 'Jackie O' the last time I saw it.

    Have you seen this tram photo site?, brought to my attention by my pal Ultramaroon Rises Again, aka Rob Manderson.

    peace and love

  10. Jeez Cuz, Shirl's gonna stick forks in his eyes (on two levels) having seen that "Most recent photo" pic.

  11. 'Tis nice Reuben, and I had not taken much notice of it until I went to take a snap.

    Yep Ann, well Jackie O's was at the side. What is the building now? Wait for the next post A hint, it kind of rhymes with Shocking Stupid, our nickname for the company. I don't think I have seen that tram/train site. Don't expect an update though, as I believe he committed suicide. His web site lives on.

    Not quite to standard of your last linked photo Sedgwick. I am over M'lord, it sounds too subservient. You may call me Hot Andrew, as your cuz does, but Shirl is fine.