Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Out and About in St Kilda #5

Luna Park, just for fun.

I first went there when I was about 18 and took my brothers and sister. The next time was when it was opened up in the evening after a gay Pride March. That was quite fun and I had never seen a woman stand and pee at a urinal before. They are a bit messier than blokes though. I am sure you girls will agree that there are never sufficient toilets for women but I am not sure that 'if you can't beat them, join them', is the answer.

The next time was when we took my niece as a birthday treat when she was about ten. She is sixteen now, so it has been a while. Maybe the next time will be when we take Little Jo. I might have a go on the dodgems, which I adore, but no harsh rides for me.


  1. Hi Andrew

    I went with Sis and Niece Pants to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago when NP was ten. SP and I started the day gently explaining to NP that we 'don't do scarey' only to be still there twelve hours later hurtling through an abandoned mine shaft in a runaway coal wagon. Monster!



  2. The 'Scenic Railway' was my limit as a child, and I have had a horror of scary rides ever since. Maybe it's going through that huge maw at the front gate, I used to find Loony park a bit spooky.

  3. You place name dropper Pants. I don't mind scary, I just don't like rides that jolt or throw me around. I have been on one similar to the one you described. It was a good ride.

    As a kid, I found that sort of thing a bit spooky too Bliss. Both Melbourne and Sydney's catching fire in later years did not help anyone's impression.

  4. "'if you can't beat them, join them'"

    My Frankie Howerd alter ego has just gone (post humourously of course) ballistic with every single element of that phrase.

    Not to mention, "dropper Pants", of which Kenneth Williams would have made a three *coarse* meal.

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Onion soup.

  6. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Luna Park food leaves much to be desired, though.

  7. "I had never seen a woman stand and pee at a urinal before."

    You'd never been to the Tory Party Conference then?

  8. Jeez Reuben, what's wrong with Luna Park's sustainable food of choice, Lollygobbleblissbombs? Shirl lives on them ... and has never put on weight.

  9. Brian, strange as it may seem I was there and saw Annie Widdicombe's tour de force golden shower.

  10. It comes naturally to me M'lord, but then you do seem skilled at reading into some writing that just is not there.

    Perhaps your comment Reuben, and Anons, arrived in reverse order. You say the food is lousy and Anon is recommending the Onion Soup. Otherwise, I am quite puzzled by onion soup.

    Nothing against older women, but I don't want to think about old Tory women and urinating. Btw, where did Maggie tuck her nads?

  11. "you do seem skilled at reading into some writing that just is not there."

    'tis my job in what is left in me so far too generous life

  12. Anonymous8:05 pm

    I have no clue what you're on about, Lord Sedgwick.

    As for the onion soup (from Luna Park), I wouldn't recommend it. I have no clue what anonymous is on about.

  13. I have no clue what you're on about, Lord Sedgwick.

    Join le club Rubes.

    I have New Idea either.

  14. place name dropper panz.

    thatz what I thought too.

  15. I was no more than five when my daddy first took me to Luna Park. I had a pop gun he'd bought me from a shop across the road (previously mentioned). Then we went on the scenic railway and darlings I was terrified. I held the gun and tried to stay in my seat, I did not want to lose the gun and I did not want to fall out of my seat and die. Meanwhile daddy laughed his head off. But he was always like that.
    The clatter of that little train is now part of my life. Loose women are another part. Being a poet is transient.

    Brain and Mind Research Institute. Monash.

  16. Robert, what is the expression? Living within hearing of Bow's Bells? Living your whole life within hearing of the Luna Park scenic railway might be something to aim for.

  17. Used to love the old Rotor Ride at Luna Park, where you'd get sucked to the walls, the floor would drop away and everyone's stomachs would do flip flops for about 2 hours :P

  18. Anonymous11:34 am

    What a scary face you have on your Luna Park there in Melbourne, enough to put any kid off entering the place.

    used to luv the River Caves here in Sydney, would jump out of the boat inside the caves and then scare the next lot of riders coming by.

  19. That was good Jayne, especially in the days when men wore tight jeans. I was happy just to watch.

    The face has had many makeovers Anon, but I believe it is now back to the original. What is with entering through a clown's mouth anyway?

  20. Anonymous7:03 pm

    It would appear, 'Lord Sedgewick', that your ideas are chemically-induced.

  21. You're right Rubes. I blame my wanton use of vanilla, cochineal and EVOO at King St clubs. (As opposed to my wonton abuse in Little Bourke St.)

  22. Anonymous5:24 pm

    That's a bit churlish, but I'll accept your apology (if that was meant as one).