Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out and About in St Kilda #10

St Kilda's community vegetable garden in the area known as The Peanut Farm is a treasure but I never see anyone working there, although people obviously do. In England they are called allotments. No matter, they are a marvellous way to bring people together.


  1. Fabulous. Know about one of these in Ascot Vale and people develop great friendships through them.

  2. "In England they are called allotments."

    They're not usually as colourful as that one though, Andrew. Ours are drab little places on the whole where old men go to get away from their wives and kids.

  3. Anonymous8:29 am

    Groups from Prahran Mission House spend time working on their allotment during the warmer months. It's an amazing way for them to experience friendship & teamwork in an environment they might not otherwise experience. Who says we've lost our community spirit?

  4. Anonymous10:45 am

    There's several in Northcote. Actually, come to think of it, Northcote has tons of those little 'grassroots' community-orientated groups.

    The St. Kilda one is when all the local Elwood youths (of which I was a member until a year ago) break in and get pissed. Either the peanut farm, or the botanical gardens greenhouse (depending on whether or not ROC is in the vicinity).

  5. Yep Lad, there are a few around.

    Brian, I recall a character in Eest Enders always been off to the allotment.

    Thanks Anon. I do think they are marvellous places and very calming.

    It is all the pairs of women Reuben. Grassroots always follow them. Hah, I was in the greenhouse myself the other day, but only with water.

  6. Anonymous1:49 pm

    This garden is lovely - I've a distant relative with a plot there.

    I've not been in a while - does the garden fashioned into a ship (with mast, stern, etc) still exist?

  7. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Only with water? You must have been smoking some serious weed there, Andrew...the gardens aren't immune to the drought.

  8. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Oh! So pretty!

  9. Not sure about that MD. While I looked, I did not actually look.

    They are not immune from drought Reuben but oddly have managed to survive better than they are now through many droughts. CoPP, take a bow.

    Get the Feral Queen's name down on the waiting list Jayne?

    Whimsical too Daisy. Do you have a similar thing in very highly populated areas?