Monday, October 27, 2008

Lucient Arises

The highrise apartment building known as Lucient at 430 St Kilda Road has almost been completed. We move in soon. Just kidding. A total realisation of everything we own and we could barley afford an apartment. It is a high quality building and we are clearly in the worst house in the best street. The rear penthouse has a massive terrace and most apartments have what is called a Winter Garden, not at all like Blackpool's Winter Garden. Essentially they are glassed in balconies with huge louvre windows. I will take some more pics of the front of the building soon.

It peeks over the top of Illoura.

The ANL building is dissapearing and I can no longer wave to Hawkeye.

The height has been reached and we have lost our view of Fitzroy Street.

The cladding goes on.

And that's your bloomin' lot. Finis.


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    I don't know why they made such a big song and dance over the design. A 'mask', a sneaky ad....what next? A pair of orange sneakers?

  2. Hmmm, I typed barley instead of barely.Might be the only currency worth anything.

    Where was there an ad Reuben? Newspaper?

  3. Anonymous8:11 pm

    The Melbourne Times ran it, and probably most of your local papers. Also try the Domain @ The Age.

    I don't think the ad exists anymore, considering they've revealed the architecture.

  4. "...not at all like Blackpool's Winter Garden." leave the Winter Gardens alone. We Blackpuddings have to have somewhere to retreat for 11 months out of every year.

  5. Err...ummm....pass the cheese, please.

  6. When were you last at the Winter Garden Brian? 198?

    Grater like Jayne?

  7. Andrew, have you seen that awful looking phallus (flaccid) thing they constructed out the front of there on the weekend? Very ordinary, if you ask me.

    As an aside, we at the office are looking forward to the building being occupied. We're hoping to hone our voyeuristic skills on some afternoon delight over lunch. Sad much?

  8. Anonymous10:34 pm

    *snort* As if you can complain about views being built out, Andrew :)

    Did you hear what happened at another toffy new neighbour - Balencia, a block away on the corner of Arthur St - last week?

    A nearby friend was woken up after 11pm when 10 fire trucks, two fire-support vehicles and a cop car (that's a lot of sirens, one after the other) turned up because the building's entire sprinkler system went off and flooded the place.

    Luckily residents are yet to move in - but if the apartments have already been fitted out with carpets etc, that would be an expensive replacement bill.


  9. Yep Hawkeye, we watched it being installed. I need to have a good look at it yet. But the tinting is pretty heavy on the windows.

    Just a comment Walker, not a complaint. It is a case of I have but no one else can.
    Yes, I heard about Balencea. I think the fitout is well underway. I think it was only the sixteeth floor and maybe the apartment below affected. Spinkler systems are normally zoned, certainly in buildings I know.