Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Little Prick

Normally, working or not, I get up at some time between 6.30 and 7.30. I am not a great sleeper, I consider sleep a waste of time and boring, but I must do it.

Now for several months I have kept coming across a piece of paper in the letter rack referring me to Melbourne Pathology for tests. The paper orders Lipids (fasting) with HDL Cholesterol, Glucose (fasting) and PSA. I know what that PSA test is! I am of a certain age.

I have kept putting the test off and off, because, well the problem is in the first sentence. The gap between me getting up and the testing place opening would mean me hovering at home for a period, unable to eat or drink coffee. I can cope with the not eating but no coffee????

Since I am working late this week, I stayed up until 2.30 last night and did not wake until 9.00. Perfect. I did not leave my bedroom. I did not see the kettle sitting there tempting me. I showered, dressed and went straight out.

It was a small and painless prick and I was only away from home for thirty minutes. Now I can face my doctor at last and find out if a couple of small tins of tuna a week, fish oil capsules daily and psyillum husks on my cereal have worked


  1. Not getting coffee always put me off having tests too. Last time I went to the doctor, she said I could have it before testing, as long as it didn't have cream or sugar.

    Hope your results come out positive!

  2. "I consider sleep a waste of time and boring."

    Obviously you don't have the same sort of dreams that I have, Andrew. Personally I've always been of the opinion that my chaotic dreamstate is reality and that 'real life' is just a dream. Don't ask me why...but it makes life more interesting somehow.

  3. Anonymous5:25 pm

    I stumbled upon a little prick yesterday, he tried to coerce me to become a Scientology-freak. "Painless" he said. I didn't believe him. He had no trousers.

  4. Psyillum husks in OJ are a yummy treat to send you gagging for sweet, black tea ;)

  5. I was thinking the same about coffee Daisy. No sugar in just coffee is there? I will check before the next time, and I have no doubt there will be a next time.

    Oh Brian. I just so do not want to think about your dreams.

    Was his name Malcolm Fraser, Reuben? You came across another one? They are targeting you.

    I am used to them on my cereal now Jayne. But then you can get used to torture too.

  6. Anonymous4:31 pm

    No, but religious people tend to target me. In America they did. Swanston street, they have.... [5 hours later ]...Amsterdam they did, thrice!

    Since those times, I now carry around my purple spatula to subdue them if necessary.

  7. There must be something about your appearance that attracts them Reuben. Do you look like you are a lost soul? Don't worry, beggars target me. I never quite fit into the crowd. Yet I would be the last person to give money to a beggar.

  8. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Maybe they read my blog posts on atheism and how religion sucks.