Monday, October 06, 2008

Cold Water at the Highrise

One of our boilers has failed. It will be fixed tomorrow. In the meantime the other normally provides hot enough water, just gets a bit cool at peak usage time.

But something has gone seriously wrong as there is no hot water tonight. I would guess that with these squally south westerly winds we are having, the other boiler has blown out.

With a phone call or maybe two, I could have it working for tomorrow morning, but given our owners corporation manager has said that we will adequate hot water for tonight, I will let her stew in her juice and receive the blame.

Better set my alarm for ten minutes earlier for tomorrow, as I will have to boil a large kettle to wash instead of having shower. Lucky our basins are low and we can give our bits a good scrub without sloshing water everywhere.


  1. You need a shower like ours Andrew. It doesn't require the boiler to produce hot water. It just sort of heats itself up on the way out.

  2. Anonymous12:32 am

    I think this falls in the "TMI" category :)


  3. Cold showers aren't much fun... Nor is scrubbing your bits in the sink, just be careful you don't slip, there is nothing worse than finding yourself spread across the floor with one leg still in the sink and your face wedged under the washing machine (not that its ever happened to me or anything).

  4. The former plumber known as my Dad always said a good hand basin should be installed at peeing height....

  5. Maybe the sinks aren't low. Maybe your bits are just really high. ;)

  6. If you are serious Brian, and who would ever know, it is electric then? But not great pressure.

    The Minimum Information, Walker? I will be more descriptive next time. Hey all, if you are interested to see some great photos from the Royal Melbourne Show,last years and this years, Walker has uploaded them here

    Lol Kezza. The worst that has happened to me was a bed sliding away from a wall with me ending up on the floor.

    Wise man your Dad, Jayne.

    They are both Daisy, low and high, depending on......well...put it this way, I either get chafing on the knees or chest.

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    (excuse me)

    I havent had a wash for eleven weeks.

  8. What was the special occasion eleven weeks ago?