Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog worries and the 4th blog anniversary and nearly the birthday of me too

(I wrote this a few days and it doesn't read too badly, so, a quick edit and publish away)

I still think blog is an ugly word and I wish that there was a better word. Just something a bit softer. Perhaps I should expand it to Web Log, but that is not much better. What about personal diary, as in my blog description.

Sometimes I perhaps come across as being a bit vicious and harsh. I can do that because my blog is kind of anonymous. It is not that I don't care about my blog commenters, and I truly treasure people who I have come to know via my blog.

But in real life, I am a perfectly nice person (shut up Vik), except for when I am at work, and I am trying to improve my customer relation skills.

What really worries me is young people reading my blog and taking my rants or even sensible posts too seriously.

So my dearest readers of the young variety, take on board my age, my developed intolerance, my sexuality, my long time relationship difficulties, my family who never fight because none care enough much, my slightly asset rich and cash poor situation (I have lived with this for my lifetime).

Yes young reader, please continue to read my blog and take from it what you will (I sure take a lot from yours), but I wonder how relevant I am to your life? Not muchly I think.

Keep your mind open and think, but at the end of day, it is all about you, because you are the most important person in the world. Oh, that I need to tell young people to be selfish.


  1. Anonymous8:53 pm

    What brought this on? Either way you shouldn't underestimate your relevance to us.

  2. Hi Andrew - happy anniversary/birthday. Yes, I've always thought "blog" sounded more like something you found up your nose.

  3. Congrats on your 4th blogoversary! I havented commented here for a while but rest assured I'm stopping by (almost) every day :)

    And Happy Birthday for whenever that is too, yours and mine mustn't be too far apart :-)


  4. TDW, yes, hear what I say if you want to, but keep a sense of perspective about the age difference.

    Ta Frank. I would guess that you are responsible for me being Pandored.

    Mine is 14th TVAU. Happy birthday to you too cobber. Why wasn't I told?

  5. Anonymous12:24 am

    I would never contradict you so close to your birthday... :) Vik.

  6. "I still think blog is an ugly word and I wish that there was a better word."

    I use the words 'Board' and 'Posting' myself...a 'Blog' sounds like something wedged in a U bend.

  7. Happy Birthday you young, sprightly chicken you!
    Happy 4th anniversary for your blog/diary/journal/script/life notes ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Oh, and if we all thought your postings were shit, we wouldn't keep coming back! Keep up the great work!

  9. Fair game any other time Vik. :)

    Board is not really accurate Brian. It sounds like a place for the public to post the words.

    Thanks Jayne and Rob.

  10. Greetings. I've penned this for you:

    Highrise nursery
    Blog anniversary.

    I don't know what it means.

    And there's this:

    St Kilda Road
    Shrine of Remembrance
    What a sight there
    Drag queen nightmare
    Here comes Colonel
    And all his troops
    Wearing frocks.

    O' to be in the trenches
    With these fine wenches!
    (And be the Sarg
    Of a bayonet charge!)

    You filthy beast!


    A poet will not be deterred. Even when he's dead. He will compose, as others decompose. Aye, and death will not change his opinion, never! for will be alive on his face in eternity, his hatred of dissonance.

  11. I like checking out your blog (personal diary, if you wish) daily and I also appreciate your input to my blog (random idle comments, if I wish). So you are important to me.

  12. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Happy Birthday, Andrew. I hope you have a fun week with lots of indulgent consumption of chocolates.

    Blog a bad word? Sort of...but it was used well in the Dr Who episode "Utopia".

  13. Thank you Robert, I think.

    And thanks Victor. Oddly I have not connected with many gay men via my blog. Of course I don't mean in a physical sense.

    I eat very little chocolate Reuben, and then only very expensive chocolate. I vaguely recall the Dr Who episode. I have a Dr Who post pending.

  14. Anonymous9:09 pm

    I have an erudite response pending.

  15. Happy birfday, Shirl.

    Mind you you're but a pup (in real years, blog years and dog years) says he having just returned yesterday from 3377 where I was part of the celebration for me best sheila mate's mother's 90th.

    90, but with a mind and a mouth young 'uns 70 years her junior would (or should) kill for.

    From your descriptions of Dame M., they would have gotten on like a house on fire.

    (God help the insurance company that took on the risk!)

  16. Thank you Mr Sedgwick. I am pretty sure I won't see ninety, and I doubt you will either.

  17. ... and, even if we had a choice, would either of us want that?!

    Surely e'd both want to shuffle off looking good enough to be plonked in an open casket without scaring the horses and other beasts that might attend our seeing offs.

    (Mind you, either way, it wouldn't stop that old Copperwitch cackling into her G'n'T as we hit the fiery pit.)

  18. 'cackling', I'd be too busy setting up the landing pitchforks.