Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Present

Remember back when I painted the kitchen scales, with the view to delay their replacement? Well, it delayed the replacement for over one year. I would suggest that the paint was a waste of money. I demanded new scales for my birthday, not that I ever use them, well rarely.

Since R spent so much money on my last birthday, I thought I would let him off lightly this year, but of course he managed to find an expensive set of scales and very nice they are too. As I won't see him on my birthday, he gave them to me tonight. I am pleased with them but also puzzled. Tell you why in a bit.

Now normally the conversation would go back and forth about what to do with the old ones, with me wanting to keep them and R wanting to throw them out. I thought that they were indestructible, but mysteriously, they have become broken. I blame Little Jo. She must have vaulted onto the bench top and sat on them. So, there is no option but to chuck them out. Years ago, I would have sat down with a screwdriver and worked out why they are broken and possibly fix them, but my curiosity about such matters is declining as my years increase. I am getting used to our ready to dispose society.

Now if you are not used to using domestic electric scales, what you do is place your bowl on the scales, switch the unit on and it zeros itself. You then add the ingredients to the bowl, plate or whatever for weighing.

But on these scales, there is also an option for weighing liquid and getting a millilitre or fluid ounce read out. How does this work you mathematicians?

Isn't the weight of a litre of water different to the weight of a litre of treacle? How can the scales tell me the volume of liquid by weighing it? (the first person who uses the word mass in their comment will get a punch on the nose) Perhaps I need to do an experiment.

PS Vik, something arrived from Japan in today's post. I will open everything tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    I'm jealous of you now! I've always wanted a big, chunky silver thing in my kitchen.

  2. Oh, very nice!

    Happy Birthday, my friend.

  3. "I've always wanted a big, chunky silver thing in my kitchen."


    You can have my old washing machine if you like. It doesn't work but the local council refuses to let me fly-tip it in the alley.

  4. Anonymous9:43 pm

    So you mean it tells you the volume of the liquid?? If that's the case you'd probably have to select a liquid or something because yeah, a litre of water and a litre of oil weigh different things.

  5. Thanks Daisy. I really wish it had not happened though.

    There you go Reuben, Brian's silver washing machine for free. You pay the freight.

    Australian's don't fly tip Brian, they dump. (I just know this will go bad now)

    Correct TDW, it tells the volume, like 500 mills. You are clever and university educated. So I will take that two volumes of different liquid of 500 mills could weigh very differently. I may well do an test tomorrow.

  6. LMFAO
    Your Freudian slip is showing there Andrew :P

    Got a little something on tomorrow's blog entry for you.

  7. A nice girl never goes out with her slip showing Jayne. So what was the slip? Mentioning treacle? Can't wait for tomorrow to see what you have done...........not!!!

  8. TDW is correct it will depend on the density of the liquid.
    Water has a density of 1, ie 1L will weigh 1kg.
    Milk, juice, vinegar, wine etc will all be close enough to water.
    Highly alcoholic drinks will weigh significantly less (the density of pure alcohol is 0.8).
    Cooking oil is about 0.92 (1L = 920g)
    Honey is about 1.36 (1L=1.36kg). I would expect treacle to have a slightly higher density.

  9. As I thought Altissima. Interesting. So the scales will be fine for water, which I guess is what I would most measure.

  10. Hi Andrew

    I'm more of a pinch of this and dollop of that person myself.



  11. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Does it come with cheese, Brian?

  12. I can't answer your questions but I can wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns too.

  13. Yes Pants, I expect you are. I don't cook, but when I do, I need to follow recipes precisely.

    Thanks Victor. It was an ok birthday.

  14. That is one very sexy set of scales.

  15. I reckon so Ben. Of course it is consumerism gone mad but can't I talk the talk and yet still indulge?