Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Applauding Oneself

Ah, me and my funny old fashioned ideas. How does the old phrase go? Self praise is no recommendation?

The same ought to go for applause. It is now almost standard practice on tv game shows and quiz shows for winners to applaud themselves. Yes, we know you are good because you won, but leave the appreciation to us. No, I don't want you to bow while we applaud, but a little humility would be nice. Next thing they will be throwing a fist up into the air, another unfortunate form of self praise.

Greed is good, winning is all.

Bah, bad mood today. Must be the christmas cake brandy I had last night.


  1. I hate it when they put the laugh track in sitcoms - particularly if it's an American one, whereby you have to be reminded when to laugh.

    But it won't stop me from watching 'The Office'.

  2. The Office is awesome.

    The act of applauding yourself is perhaps the best example of shitty etiquette when in the public eye. It screams to me:

    "Ooohhhh. Loud noise, everyone clapping - Must follow herd"

  3. Christmas cake brandy? Bad mood? Sorry, Andrew, I'm not following.



  4. "...we know you are good because you won, but leave the appreciation to us."

    In my case they won't get any then. People who go on game shows don't deserve appreciation. For the amount they usually win they'd have better off delivering newspapers for half an hour.

    "But it won't stop me from watching 'The Office'."

    Reuben, whatever you do don't watch the American version. They've taken the original script and somehow completely and utterly buggered it up without really altering it, until all the subtlty, observation and ingenuity of Ricky Gervais has been homogenised into the usual bland American sit-com swill.

  5. I don't get The Office. It is just like real life and so, uninteresting.

    It is a bit of herd mentality too Rob.

    Pants, construction of the christmas cake is underway, but it does not require a full bottle of brandy. I did not want it to go to waste. I felt a little plain this morning.

    I know a couple of people in times past who have done rather well Brian, one in quiz show and the other in a game show.

  6. I'd never noticed this before, but now that you mention it... Odd.

  7. Anonymous9:28 pm

    I actually think the office is one example where the Brits are demolished by the yanks. And no...I'm not under the pay of Condy.

  8. That was me...anonymous. Damn Blogger error.

  9. Well done, give yourself a pat on the back.

  10. Keep an eye out for it MD. It is all pervasive.

    I have heard this opinion expressed before Reuben. Must be something in it. But I am not going to watch.

    I do all the time Ben, and nearly convince myself.

  11. Australians used to be modest in victory years ago but we are losing that characteristic.

  12. Speaking of being told when to react, I notice SBS must have equipped the Top Gear Australia studio with "Laugh" and "Applause" lights, because for some reason the audience now knows when to do both. They didn't previously. Of course that doesn't mean that they should be laughing or applauding. Bring back Sale of the Century, no audience = no problems with appropriate behaviour for contestants.

  13. Dare I say it is an American influence Victor.

    I am not totally against laugh tracks, but they are often overboard. I didn't realise Sale did not have an audience. I rarely watched it as it was on at the same time as the news I think.

  14. I still like the US Office, so neah!

  15. eewww.... brandy always puts me in a bad mood too

  16. Puts me in great mood Jo, until the next morning.