Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whatever happened to?

So what happened to the City of Melbourne and City of Port Phillip joint St Kilda Road Action Plan of 2005? I haven't seen any action apart from a couple of gabfests.

What happened to the feasibility study into connecting the two separate tram tracks in Park Street South Melbourne? Probably about 2005 too.

What happened to footbridge for St Kilda Road and Queens Road residents and workers to cross Queens Road to Albert Park Lake? First mentioned well before 2005.

What happened to the restoration of the unused old tram signal box at the corner of Victoria and Swanston Streets? The developer of Verve Apartments was supposed to stump up for this. Ah, developer's promises.

What happened to the Lyric Theatre which was supposed to be part of the Crown Casino entertainment complex?


  1. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Two words: Jeff Kennett.

  2. I will happily blame Kennett for many things Reuben, but this was after his time. Is it a legacy?

  3. Anonymous11:09 pm

    It's a copycat crime. Brumby is Jeff's secret admirer.

  4. Andrew, promises like these are like fine wine, they just get better with age and are best shared with good friends (or thousands of residents) but even better than opening them and sharing the goodness, they look most impressive on your mantle where everyone can look on and ooh and ahh.

  5. I can see similarities Reuben.

    And when they are stale Kezza, they can be reinvigorated.