Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Turnbull

We have a new leader of Our Majesty's Opposition, one Malcolm Turnbull, best known perhaps for defending ex MI5 agent Peter Wright against the British government.

For a Tory, I don't mind him too much, but it is only day one. I know it is a lot of theatre and games, but I can never help being interested in politics.

He is clearly a very clever money maker and always seemed to bail out of companies at their peak and make a killing profit. People who got in early with the internet often made fantastic money, so long as they got out at the right time.

I suppose he now has a car and driver, so don't bother looking out for him on the 325 to Watsons Bay. Anyone as rich as him and who uses public transport as much as he did gets at least one tick from me.


  1. Turnbull is my local member.

    I can't say that I recall seeing him on any of my bus/train trips.

    I have one thing in common with him, we went to the same school (different eras though).

  2. He's a pollie, which makes him an evil goblin that should be sprayed with holy water from the urinals of DT's pub.

    Off topic-
    Lady of St Kilda info

  3. His hair is vastly superior to Nelson's. Excellent change of hands.

  4. "He is clearly a very clever money maker and always seemed to bail out of companies at their peak..."

    It's amazing what insider knowledge from the treasurery can achieve.

  5. Perhaps less so recently Victor, but he was a regular bus user and has an excellent knowledge of public transport.

    Such a cynic Jayne. Re St Kilda, wonder why his wife visited such a place. Thanks anyway.

    Ah, you are secretly a Tory Reuben. I just knew it.

    Maybe Brian, but I don't think so.

  6. Yes, I am a TORY (Tempermental, Odious, Resentful Yank)

  7. It's a disaster, a huge mistake, Andrew Peacock all over again. Golly, I didn't realise they were so destitute.

  8. With accent Reuben?

    Peacock was a show pony. I don't think of Turnbull like that Robert.

  9. Peacock and Turnbull are show ponies, from the same stable as Mal Fraser.

    They are yesterday's men, all of them.