Monday, September 08, 2008

The Toppy moves

After a few days, R decided that the Topfield digital recorder might have been a bit of overkill in his bedroom and suggested it was better suited to the lounge room, so it is now in the lounge room.

It took me some time, but I finally worked out what we really needed and the Toppy is ideal for the lounge room. We can tape two shows at once if we want, or watch one taped show while taping something, delay tv shows and catch up. It does all sorts of amazing things and I am learning one thing about it each day now that is conveniently in the lounge room.

Our thought processes kept getting polluted by old vcr stuff. What if we taped something on the vcr and wanted to watch it..........and the thought drains away.

Because, I had decided to buy a dvd recorder with an inbuilt vcr for R's room. I can transfer all tapes to dvd easily and he will have a more modest pvr than the Toppy, but appropriate to his requirements.

He priced one yesterday, a Panasonic, at $425. I hoped to pay a bit less. I thought I would check ebay and there one was, same brand and model, used, top bid was around $150. I had a good read of its features and it sounded perfect. I would have like more time, but bidding ended in 13 hours, so I put in a top bid of $200 and arrived home from work this morning for lunch to find that I had bought it for $184. It should arrive Wednesday. Another battle with slightly different technology. It is frustrating yet very satisfying when you get something to work.

And some advice. If you are going down the road of a new personal digital recorder, try using the supplied AV cables rather than be talked into an expensive HDMI cable. Even if you do end up getting one, I don't see any good reason for buying anything more than the cheapest. Buying an expensive one was explained to us as 'future proofing'. Since when have you been able to future proof with technology these days? R did return some cable thingy to HN and got his $35 back. I think it was something to do with connecting a vcr. We did not ask for it, and as I said, I was keeping my mouth shut.


  1. Being able to record two shows at once would be cool. However, I've found that living without a tv aerial connected for two years has not left me deprived of much...

  2. "It is frustrating yet very satisfying when you get something to work."

    Viagra usually does the trick.

  3. But can you get The Little House on The Prairie through your iPod and wind-up gramophone with all those do-hickeys? :P

  4. Ok Rob, it will be pretty rare for us to record (must stop saying tape)two shows at once. You don't watch tv? or just manage without an aerial?

    I believe Viagra can be pretty good even if it is not really needed Brian.

    If I get the connections right Jayne, yes.

  5. Hi Andrew, got onto your blog through Miss Diarist. I have to say, I bought a pioneer DVD Recorder recently (actually it was 3 months ago) and although I have figured out the basics, I really haven't used it to it's full potential - I haven't got the time to read the instructions! What happened to the good old days of 4 page instructions and simple directions that meant what they said: "play" "stop" "record" "rewind" etc?

  6. Hi Deb, welcome. Even the basics on our machine are hard. I just learnt how to stop it recording. You wouldn't think that was too hard.