Thursday, September 11, 2008

To matters more lighthearted

My Sydney friend sent this to me. He suggested that I was not past dancing and thought that seeing R and I dancing would be quite amusing. I should smack him in his synthetic lips and bust his many times reconstructed nose.

I don't often inflict stuff like this on you but I really like the clip. I have watched it three times over two weeks, and I had to translate guess German to bring it to you. I tried to embed it, but my lack of German and the possibility that there is not an embedding link mean you will just have to click on the link. Go Grannie.

PS, you have no idea how hard this was to publish. Sorry to all who might have received it multiple times in their reader. Hope it is right now.


  1. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Russian Grandma on Ecstasy! I love it!

    (Ps - happy to translate any German at any time!)

  2. Anonymous10:20 pm

    I kept expecting her to fall over.

    Somewhat... disappointed.

  3. I will have to try it tomorrow, the link that is(winks) as I just got in from work and it is not working for me just now. Cant wait to see it, lol.

  4. So that's what the Copperwitch does at the weekend. (Written safely in the full knowledge that she doesn't have broadband and therefore won't be able to view the clip.)

  5. And Miss Brownie says Germans aren't funny?

    They are very strange people.

  6. Thanks MD, I expect the occasion will arise.

    Delight in other's misfortune LDW, shame!

    Don't worry Cazzie, it won't go away.

    I wouldn't underestimate CW Brian.

    Well, she was Russian actually Robert, but a German put it up.

  7. Yet again Hughes nicks my best/worst lines/observations.

    Whilst "she who must be feared and revered" may not have Bigpond broadbeans, word would get out and she's only a Senior's Card train trip away landing on my doorstep and drop punting my feared and revered goolies into the orchis recycle bin.

  8. "Well, she was Russian actually Robert, but a German put it up."

    ...and I'll happily leave the Frankie Howerd/Julian Clary comment on that one to Lewd Fleetwood.

  9. What makes me laugh are the people determined not to notice (maybe terrified of getting noticed by HER).

  10. "maybe terrified of getting noticed by HER"

    Or worse than that, they might have been marked on her 'Dance card'

    Sorry, that's a bit old and Noel Cowardish ... but might I add, that stuff was well beyond my age and experience... just.

    Mind you Shirl might have had his dance card marked for this at the school social. :0)

  11. I was working night shift in a dyehouse full of Turks, the colour matcher/supervisor was a religious fanatic and a real bastard. One night during our meal break he appeared in the room with a bible. After reading from it a bit he began a sermon telling some of us off for laughing at a young bloke who was something of a fanatic himself. What astonished me is no one took a bit of notice (they just jabbered on as usual) it was as though I was the only one who could see him there.

  12. I think the blokes (sans females) danced the Gay Gordons in 'Tunes of Glory', a movie about a Scottish Regiment.

    Polyamorous. What a marvellous word. I'm grabbing it for my alter ego.

  13. For a change M'lord, it was an unintentional double entendre. We had neighbours called the Gordons, but they were quite glum and not at all gay.

    There is a bit of kicking up of heels in the Gay Gordons isn't there Robert?

  14. I can still read comments Fleetwood. When I get to England I'll dance all over your broken bones.