Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #lost track

Bless, Fitzroy Street in St Kilda streetscape is pretty well intact. There are some ugly buildings and some very nice, but none bang you in the eye.

This apartment building is Summerland Mansions. I don't know if it is strata titled, thus each apartment individually owned or if one person or a company owns the building. It is of an age where it could be stratum titled, where occupants own shares in the company who owns the building and have permanent occupancy rights.

No matter, it is pretty nice and those who have the sheltered balconies at the front are very fortunate, but I would want double glazing for my bedroom at least. Back in the days when my employer was very different, it employed a counsellor (Yeah AB and RK, Beppie) and she bought an apartment in Fitzroy Street, a new development, but she was driven out by the street noise and moved to the cattle yards development in Newmarket.

Bottom left hand corner is a milk bar, rather than the more modern 'convenience store'. Most of the rest along street level are restaurants I think.


  1. Would they be large apartments inside? I think I'd rather have one of these instead of the highrise.

  2. I reckon they would be big inside but our place is pretty big and very open plan, although not by Caroline Springs measurements. Just checked, lounge dining six metres by ten metres.

  3. Anonymous11:09 pm

    I wouldn't want to work at that convenience store...not when my purple spatula is absent.

  4. awwwwwww - i am out here in the paddocks of The Western District and you have given me a spasm of nostalgia for my old life.
    I used to get off the tram right there at the end of a working day, and had to negotiate all the latte tables (that RH detests so much)which blocked the footpath, and as I went up the Acland St rise, I used to think from the look of that side doorway that those flats might be quite solid.
    di Stasios is one of those shops.

  5. It's a great building, I think there's a courtyard you can peek into from a door on Acland st.
    Great to see the milk bar is still there

  6. Shops along there had cheap rooms upstairs, doors wide open, showing dirty old bastards on beds scratching their naked balls.
    There was a way to make the fleas dance. It happened when some old bloke became daddy to one of the girls, the teenagers, and roared as she flew downstairs clutching his wallet and maybe his pants as well. Yes, you couldn't trust them, those little floosies, and they trusted no one themselves anyway; let down too many times.
    I know that corner building but never examined it, now I see the balconies, what a surprise. Miss O'Dyne knew St Leonards Ave (off Acland). I knew the drop in centre there. You could get lunch every day. Inside the entrance they had a donation box on the wall. It was glass-fronted. No one put anything in it. Hardly ever.
    I dropped ten cents in one time, just for a joke, it brought them up to exactly thirty five cents.

    -Robert the Colourful.
    (Essays on the human condition)

  7. I've spent a bit of time down Fitzroy St, but I can't palce this building for the life of me, although something about it seems familiar. I will say though that double glazing is my saviour. My shitty place in Carlton would be unbearable without it.

  8. Would those apartments have been serviced by a restaurant downstairs, where the shops are now?

    Love the style of the building, and no nasties to mar the view ;)

  9. Funnily Reuben, I always feel pretty safe in St Kilda.

    And Street Cafe another one Ann.

    I have walked past that door a few times over the years Ian, and never looked in. I will.

    Drop in centre something to do with the church there wasn't it Robert.

    The Prince on one corner of Acland Street, cnr Fitzroy St, and this building on the other corner Kezza.

    Don't know Jayne. A dumb waiter down to a restaurant below would have been useful.

  10. Yes Andrew, it was in the church hall.
    The restaurants would be nothing to do with the apa-a-artments Miss Jayne.

  11. "...but none bang you in the eye."

    So the Marty Feldman Brothel's been demolished?

  12. When ever I drive past those cattle yards in Newmarket I think of when I was little, Mum driving the olh Holden, past the cattle yards..they stunk in the hot weather! I am glad they kept some of the old stone walls and wood work about the place, and then, I think I would like to live there now... I do like Newmarket..I think I might have said that before?
    Nice pics Andrew,I am enjoying the St Kilda journey :)

  13. Anonymous7:14 pm

    They wouldn't dare mug you, Andrew. They'd have to overcome your serene songs of work and life.

  14. Anonymous8:06 pm

    There are some beautiful deco-style apartment buildings down acland st... and a damn good bakery mere steps away!

  15. Was he the bug eyed comedian Brian? Regardless, I have no idea.

    I can remember the smell too Cazzie. St Kilda seems very popular. I must return with the camera, but they are not finished yet.

    Might be areas of Melbourne I would not feel safe in Reuben, but I haven't found one yet, except for perhaps around Russell Street a few years ago.

    Don't know the bakery MD. I need to go back.

  16. Andrew, that's the one. The comment made more sense when I posted it without any coffee inside me first thing this morning.

  17. I can only remember his face and nothing else Brian, not even his nationality.