Friday, September 26, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #3

This is Bumblebee. That sounds masculine so I shall refer to the tram as a he. I saw him travel towards the Acland Street Terminus, so I waited a short time for him to return. I would be happy to see all our trams in a similar colour scheme, rather than the drab grey and boring white. These trams were built for the city of Mulhouse in France, but they weren't quite ready for them, so that is why we are able to lease them and hope they can assist carry the huge volume of tram passengers that we have at present. It would seem this is the colour scheme Mulhouse wanted and we are stuck with it, whether you like it or not.

Here it comes around the corner.
Later I took this shot in Fitzroy Street. Go on, click on the picture for a bigger view.


  1. Great pics!
    and very nice trams too!

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Pity those French trams are not owned by us, otherwise I would postpone my Kosky-effigy burning session.

  3. Love those trams, big, bright and cheerful.
    Feral Queen gave Feral Beast a t-shirt with the "heart your trams" logo and he loves it.

  4. Thanks Ian.

    Hope you video the burning Reuben.

    Pity the days when tram drivers could let kids have a little drive Jayne.

  5. Looks like a creche on rails.

  6. Anonymous5:29 pm

    You can join in if you like, Andrew.

  7. A creche would be very apt Brian. Most passengers need their......well something wiped.

    For reasons Reuben, it is best that I am not involved in burning effigies of the transport minister.

  8. Gorgeous! My kids now want to go for a ride on it! LOL

  9. Correction...IN IT ...not on it..derr!!

  10. The trouble is over-population, this city is choked with people, and thousands more flying in every week. Public transport can't keep up with it? Well neither can public housing, hospitals, water supply and so on. What would you expect?

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  12. It's really pretty; you may want to take another peek in the pants though. I think it's a girl. :)

  13. h norman, brumby, ballieu, rudd, turnbull and so on live surrounded by acres, you're suckered into little boxes with streets of cafes called lifestyle "Oh, so european!" yes: congestion, people tripping over each other, how vibrant, how exciting. Mugs. You wonder why there's violence.

  14. I'm a kilometre from the freeway, every morning at 5am it starts up, a swarm. After a while I don't hear it anymore. Yet it growls all day, getting louder in the twenty years I've been here. People are driving from Tarneit, Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing: way out in the sticks, to pay for great columned mansions on cheap land: shitty little blocks on shit clay soil. It's flat, windswept, nothing there, it's highway, that's all, straight road, fucked scenery, to and fro every day to get anywhere. Zombies, steering motor cars, changing lanes to snap out of it. Hoppers is a nothing: a shopping centre, without a car you're disabled. What puppets. Ants do better.

  15. I'm with it, pay attention. Here's my poem: The All Ordinaries.

    Orchard waters park estate
    Kids in pushers
    Ain't it great
    Miles of houses
    All brand new
    Kentucky fried
    MacDonalds too.
    Brand new lake
    Brand new loo
    Brand new streets
    With a tree or two
    Brand new lawns
    Not a single weed
    Very nice
    Yes indeed.
    Plasma TV
    Every night
    Long way to work
    But that's alright
    Silent neighbours
    What's that matter?
    Finance worry
    Means lots less chatter.
    Finance makes
    The world go round
    Shuts it up
    Not a sound
    Romantic couples
    To concentrate
    On the interest rate.

    Your fathers, relatives, should never have jailed me for vagrancy. I'm out, at large, done my time -their time. It's over now.

    I'll jail them.

  16. You could nearly string a ride on it into a day's outing Cazzie.

    No argument from me about our city being overcrowded Robert.

    It's a boy bee in drag Daisy.

    I could easily rant about certain areas of Melbourne Robert......starting with one of the oldest areas, Dandenong. But then it wasn't always part of Melbourne. The people you talk of are real people, with hopes and maybe some failures, but still real people. They are products of our society, as am I and you. Personalising society's issues by classifying the people involved by their suburb is not helpful. You may have inspired a post though.

  17. Cranbourne bogans wanted something nice and found out it's a tip.
    The whole thing is a con. Inner city poseurs choose where they live, others go where they're pushed. It's all money. Brunswick Street howls about dispossession -having chased out the bogans. And why not, they're superior, and just in case they feel guilty there's Kath and Kim to sneer at. Just what's a bogan -ignorant bum with poor taste- worth? Fuck all. Ain't it so. My word, it's all over this web.

  18. On Blogger Since September 2004

    Happy 4th birthday HR

  19. The trams are nice, bright. I like the colour.

  20. I'm sorry to all my friends here, this blog has the best people anywhere, Ian in particular is a lovely bloke.

  21. Loved Kennett's attempt to connect with ordinary people by using the word "bogan"...except the twat said "bogong".
    Seems the moths have a cheer squad for the final today! :P

  22. And I thought you would like inner city black Robert.

    Thanks Ann.Dunno if I will last another year.

    I reckon my blog mates are pretty good Robert. I think I have M'lord to thank for connecting me to most of them.

    I heard that too Jayne. What a prat.