Saturday, September 20, 2008

Out and About in St Kilda #2

Here is a side view of St Kilda's Palais Theatre. It doesn't look much from the side. The view is across a car park and a bomb site where an extremely ugly annex was demolished.

I went to a night club in the annex once. It was called Bassline and that was what we got, bass, lots of it. The type that vibrates your teeth. We found a chill out room, and that had different music and was a bit quieter, but still the music from the main area blasted, so we had two pieces of music playing, with one being very loud. We did not stay long because we felt a little uncomfortable among the zombie like dancers who were dancing alone with glazed looks in their eyes. Clearly we needed more than a drink and a smoke to get that eye glazed look.

Th other Palais visit was many years before when we went to see Debbie Reynolds perform. How gay was that! She was good though.

City of Port Phillip has approved a monster development to be built next to the Palais. I don't like the plans and not many it would seem do. I don't think that there is a silent majority who like the plans. You can find out about development from this anti Triangle deveopment website. Take a look at the front page at least and see the area to be re-developed.

But the Palais is a pretty nice buidling and well worth restoration. Only today I noticed an un-sympathetic addition, just above front overhang. That would have to go. It is nice to see the red Palais Threatre sign from our lounge room lit up at night. It means the old girl is getting some use, but that doesn't happen too often.


  1. Damn I wish I lived in St Kilda, or at least around that area.

    Why can't I get paid to study? I'm drowning out here in the sticks.

  2. What a pity that the development proposal isn't for extending the open spaces that already exist on the perimeter rather than one for 'beer barns' and 'supermarket' etc.

  3. Save the sacred site!

    'twas the venue wherein I saw (I think, but it was a long time ago so I might have them all confused with the boy scout Gang Shows) Dylan (sadly at his disengaged worst), Joan Armatrading, Bob Marley ...and quite a few other icons.

    Mind you if the Young Talent Team, the Wiggles or Hi Five have ever sullied that stage, then the joint ought be razed to the ground.

  4. "Clearly we needed more than a drink and a smoke to get that eye glazed look."

    A comprehensive school education should do it.

  5. The Palais could do with some restoration and a repaint. I wouldn't object to it becoming a nice golden colour.

    TDWD, living in St Kilda might not be such a bad idea - unless you value your hip-pocket, and don't mind being harassed by chemically-influenced cardigan-clad people.

  6. The Palais will always mean The Rolling Stones for me.
    1965, supported by Roy Orbison.
    6pm show and then 8pm show.
    Years later, Bette Midler slayed us.
    A pox on all developers.

  7. The grande old dame needs some lovin' attention.
    Tuesday Flicks looks interesting - Hercules Returns is one of my favourite films :)

  8. TDW, gives you something to work hard for in the future ie afford a property in St Kilda.

    Good acoustics then M'lord.

    Not sure about that Brian. A lot of ex private (your public) school types would be there.

    Gold would be great Reuben!

    You got satisfaction then Ann.

    Lots of bare flesh and chests Jayne?