Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Luv her to bits.

It was cold. It was windy. When the wind was blowing towards her, she pulled funny faces. We had taken her to the local park in Murrumbeena. She can now walk, but she falls down a lot when she is tired. She sleeps better. She has a good appetite although happily shares her food with the cat. She has a vocabulary of several words, her favourite expression being 'What's that?'. Although mostly very active, she will sit for a while and look at and turn the pages of a book.

Sister's football team is playing on Friday night, and as a club member, she simply must go and the Bone Doctor could be tied up doing some heavy work with a circular saw and a drill, so the gay uncles will take Little Jo into care for the evening.

We have it sussed out now. Play, food, play, bath, sleep.


  1. Jeez I hate kids like that, including my own g'daughter.

    Too cute, too lovable and too so not like the curmudgeons we've become. But young beasties like that will keep us young(ish) and hopeful despite our world weary selves.

    BTW, I hope she's out of that remand centre ASAP.

  2. Bloody Sedgwick beat me to the punchline.

  3. 'tis my raison and sultana d'etre.

  4. Someone should invent a drug that keeps them at that perfect age.

    To stop them turning into the rest of us, lol.

  5. aawww... such a big girl now and walking too, tell her not to worry about falling over too much, tell her Aunty Jo still falls down sometimes.

    Now she's starting to talk, life will never be the same. Once lil girls start to talk they never stop..... ever.

  6. The innocence of the young is beautiful M'lord.

    Behind bars keeps her nicely contained Brian.

    Nor argument from me Jayne.

    I used to think they were pretty boring at that age TDW, but I don't now.

    Jo, we will keep her off the vino for as long as possible.

  7. Little Jo Is sooooo cuuutee!! Spoil her to bits won't you? And hugg her lots..so very glad she likes books, ohhh, my Mia just loves looking at her picture!

  8. Thanks Cazzie. She is too spoilt already!

  9. Gee, she is growing up fast Andrew. Gorgeous girl, she must light up the room.