Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a day

I don't like saying the word venting, because I think of birds and their vent, that is their waste material exit point as breeders of certain birds call the orifice. Weird word to describe an asshole. But perhaps I will vent.

My birthday present from R for my significant birthday last year once again did not happen. The balloon flight was cancelled this morning because of dodgy weather. Apparently this is my fault because I did not show enough enthusiasm about the balloon flight. Perhaps I needed time for it to sink in, besides, I was so excited by my new digital camera that he had also given me.

We somewhat testily did some cleaning out of wardrobes and bookcases today. I have finished transferring all vcr tapes to dvd with the machine bought off Ebay. Now I will start on the porn tapes. There are more of them and I am not sure why I am bothering as we never watch them. I just want to keep a bit of history. We never watched the old movie, tv show or personal tapes either. But a dvd is a lot easier to store than a video tape.

I also learnt quite a bit about the Toppy, the Toppfield digital recording machine. I can recommend it if you can cope with technology. It has nearly done my head in, but I am master of it now.

Much paper shredded, three bins full, how to destroy a video tape experimentation done for porn tapes, umpteen bags carried down to recycling room.

Then off to hospital to see step father in Dandenong Hospital. He is looking better and was looking forward to his catscan to finally sort out what he thought was a gall stone problem.

Do some shopping in Coles in Oakleigh, what a big store. How nice and friendly are the staff! Visit friend in South Oakleigh. He had participated in today's police memorial march that once again disrupted our city. Ah well, coppers dying when they are doing their job is a worthy cause I suppose.

See old muffler advertisement sign on way home and connect back to Jayne.

Phone call from mother to tell me step father has possible cancerous tumour. Damn, this is gonna be a bother.

Highriser pours a glass of Scotch as R furiously slams his bedroom door after bringing up twenty plus year old arguing history. Sometimes it is all just too hard.


  1. "Weird word to describe an asshole..."

    I prefer to use the word 'politician'.

    Sorry to hear about your step dad, by the way. Hope he gets sorted as soon as poss.

  2. The truck muffler shop in Haughton Rd near the Warrigal Rd overpass?

    Sorry to hear about your step-father, I hope they can treat it :(

  3. "...twenty plus year old arguing history" Thats an awful lot of history to hang onto, have you ever attempted starting from scratch? Nah, me either... I'll hang onto everything I've got!

  4. Thanks Brian and Jayne. Yes, that is the sign.

    I should have kept a list Kezza but it would be too depressing, especially as so many are repeats.

  5. When you were talking about porn and then began the next paragraph with "I also learnt quite a bit about the Toppy" I immediately thought dirty things.

    Urgh, gotta get my head out of the gutter already.

    Sorry about your step-father. I hope he continues to get better.

  6. You don't watch the porn tapes? You don't watch the porn tapes on the new big HD screen?
    Hot Andrew, don't trip over your nose on the way out.

  7. There are some really lovely cake shops in Oakleigh and a good market, as well.

    Sorry to hear about stepdad. Hope it all turns out ok.

  8. We gave the digital recorder an affectionate name TDW, even though at times I don't feel very affectionate about it.

    Truly haven't Jahteh. Might now I am making it more convenient on dvd. Porn on the net keeps me out of chat rooms and other hook up sites. I have become faithful and moral.

    Thanks MD. Oakleigh is my old stamping ground from when I was a kid but to this day I can never remember which road is Golf Links Avenue and which is Golf Road.

  9. When it gets too hard it's best to stay silent. Bringing up old arguments is so non-productive. Gotta argue about the issue and not the person..........


  10. That is mostly my method Bliss. Oh that I could steer focus to the issues.

  11. You must be a very powerful man, given that your mood impacts the weather. :)

    Hoping your stepfather comes through okay.

  12. Perhaps you are right about the weather in a round about way Daisy. I will say, I did not feel good about. It has been rebooked and I have good feelings about it this time. Thanks for your good wishes. So you are back home now. If you hear strange rattling when you are vacuuming, it will be sand you have brought home from the beach.