Monday, September 15, 2008

I may be a daddy yet

Yesterday at a family gathering, Sister asked me to sign some papers. A lot was happening at the time and I didn't have time to read them. Something about power of attorney, medical and legal. I signed them and did not really ask what they were.

It would seem if Sister and the Bone Doctor go up in a fiery inferno, I will be the one making the decisions about Little Jo's future, including where she lives. I am too old to be a father! I am thinking of one my nieces. They will both be good mothers. I should ask if Jo will come with some money.

And of course, any excuse to post a picture of her. Sister was at the football, so we babysat. The Wiggles are marvellous, entertained her and us. No wonder they are so popular. Sister's football team is playing again this coming weekend, so we are doing the honours again.


  1. Little Jo is such a gorgeous little girl! I think you would be just fine if you have to someday be her guardian... and she would be one lucky girl I have to say!
    The Wiggles were also marvellous for my kids too. So were Hi 5 but I think they may have lost their flare with the goings of a few original members and the comings of the new? For us it was Don Spencer and Nonni Hazelhurst... showing my age? LOL

  2. "The Wiggles are marvellous."

    I prefer Hi-Five myself.

    Especially the chinese one. You don't need to have a kid to watch fact it's probably best if you don't have one.

  3. You'd better start shadowing your sister and the BD and keeping them safe. Inheriting Lil Jo at 13 is the scariest part.

  4. Speak for yourself Cazzie. I was watching tv well before Noni. Nancy Cato for me.

    You letch Brian.

    Indeed Bliss. But then another niece was great at 13 and we get on very well.

  5. She's growing up fast and you would make a lovely father. In fact if you put a camera in front of those eyes, she'd looked just like you.

  6. How did the Highrise go in the wind yesterday?

  7. I like my role as grumpy uncle Jahteh. I am the one who says don't touch and makes sure she doesn't.

    No problem with the wind. Depends very much which way it is blowing. We don't notice a northerly as we are protected from it. Southerly yes, especially when it drives rain into my south west bedroom window at night. Terribly noisy if it is hail. South easterly drives wind under the balcony making a very cold draught where I sit. On the landing though, a northerly howls through the building but not individual apartments.

  8. "You letch Brian."

    It's on too early in the morning to letch properly, Andrew. It's just a gentler way to wake up than having to suffer Good Morning Britain.