Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hummer with Melbourne's Finest at the wheels

Hummer meant something else when I was young, but I never found out what, so I don't know if I ever did a hummer or received one.

A Hummer is one of those ridiculously large American vehicles initially designed for the army to use while on 'peace keeping' missions. They have littered our streets in limited numbers, and try as I might, I sometimes fail to ignore a stretch Hummer when I see one. I don't want to be caught looking at one in case someone thinks I am admiring it.

But not since Melbourne City Councillor Fiona Snedden proposed to dump sand on the bank of the Yarra River to make a beach have I heard such nonsense as our police force being leant five Hummers by the dealer to use as a visual deterrent against violence and bad behaviour in and around nightclubs in the city.

"Sorry cadets, can't give you a payrise this year, but here are some fun vehicles to tear around the city streets in. Don't worry about the fuel costs, the taxpayer will pay".

Somewhere in Melbourne there may well be a person who says we have enough police in our fair city. Somewhere, not sure where. No one I speak to.

Sadly another person has died after a violent assault outside a city nightclub. This is just a year since another person died in similar circumtances just fifty metres away.

When I first started legally driving, this car was a visual deterrent to bad behaviour on the roads, and it worked pretty well.

Pic courtesy an interesting site, http://www.inthejob.com/vic.html

Even now, one of these modern versions cruising the city streets might be more of a visual deterrent.

But really what is needed is brawler vans to chuck people into. A few of those cruising the streets might change some behaviour.

And none of this wishy washy, 'don't do it again'. Charge them. Do the paper work, meaning the police crew is then off the street. Only then might the state goverment realise there just is not enough police in our city and state.

Police say alcohol was not involved in the latest assault and death. So R did call it correctly straight away, drugs. And forget the phrase 'alcohol fuelled violence', or 'drug fuelled violence'. It is violence in its simplest and purest form and should not be tolerated.

Bring back ecstasy tabs I say. At least everyone loved everyone back then.


  1. Anonymous4:36 pm

    HUMMER stands for Hugely Ugly and Massive Meaty Engine for Retards.
    Now I'd pay good money to see one of those smashed to pieces.

  2. Heard about this idea on the radio on theway home from my a.m. shift (oops, I Don't Do Mornings!!!).
    It sure did make me tutt and think "what will they think of next?"
    A friend of mine went on a fully paid holliday recently and was given a hummer to drive whilst there. He said hummer's are a heap of junk, and I beleive him. He who has owned at least 50 cars or more.
    Will catch up reading on your blog later :) Hope all is well.

  3. "Bring back ecstasy tabs I say."


    They'd sort out these punch happy thugs ... hopefully.

  4. "When I first started legally driving, this car was a visual deterrent to bad behaviour on the roads, and it worked pretty well."

    People were too busy throwing up at the bright orange stripes to drive carelessly, no doubt.

  5. Anonymous8:43 pm

    "Hummer meant something else when I was young, but I never found out what, so I don't know if I ever did a hummer or received one."

    I know what a hummer means, but I'm not sure whether this blog is an appropriate place for me to describe it... lol.

    Either way, you might have both given and received one.

  6. I want all nightclubs closed down.
    What good are they.

  7. (expecting some bites from this)

  8. Love it Reuben.

    Never heard from anyone who has driven them Cazzie. Interesting.

    I reckon Terry was the one who would sort them out in the back lane M'lord.

    Garish is a good word Brian.

    Yeah, got to think of my kiddie readers TDW, haha.

    No argument from me Robert. Now I no longer go to them, I think they are a terrible blight on society and should be shut down.

  9. Waste of bloody money.
    Band aid solutions to big problems.
    Pass the vaseline, Brumby's head is obviously wedged up his arse ;)

  10. When has any government in Australia had the guts to oppose the brutality of free enterprise. Night clubs are dirty holes protected by law. So are brothels, pokie joints, the motor industry, and anything else providing a big rake-off. The suckers get clipped, killed, there's no protection. What a surprise.
    People like Brumby are apologists, weasals, "Oh isn't this dreadful," they say, never doing a real thing about it.

  11. Delightfully descriptive Jayne.

    They do plenty Robert, ineffectual and mostly just talking.