Monday, September 08, 2008

Helping a Mate

Just a short stroll from home is this new war memorial. I am pleased to hear that City of Port Phillip is to spend some money on the maintenance of existing war memorials throughout the city. This one is in the City of Melbourne area though.

It is called Cobbers, in memory of those who fought and fell in the Battle of Fromelles, 19-20 July 1916. Cobber was a word my grandfather often used but you don't hear it too often now.

If you just happen to be at the Australian Memorial Park in Fromelles, France, you can see the first cast of this statue, which has been there since 1998. The sculptor was Peter Corlett.


  1. It looks like he's climbed up the steps to chuck him off...

  2. Hi Andrew, my Pa was in France in the New Zealand Pioneer Battalion having arrived in the middle east as Gallipoli was evacuated. He spent the nights working in the mud, sapping trenches and laying barbed wire and the days searching farms for spuds and any other bits of food he could find until in 1917 he was deployed as infantry at one of the Somme battles where he was wounded and repatriated to Australia. I belong to a lucky generation who has not had personal experience of war but now find that a son is in the army.

  3. It's based on Simon Fraser who kept going back to the battlefield to rescue injured blokes who called out "Don't forget me, cobber!"
    He carried 300 back to safety.

  4. Well Brian, you could have said a lot worse.

    Interesting Loz. It is a very different army to what your father would have been in. I hope young people in the army will now disobey when they are given suicidal orders, such as in WW1.

    And then left the army medically unfit with a bad back Jayne?

  5. Anonymous8:43 pm

    This sort of stuff always gives me misty eyes, but then I am somewhat of a sentimentalist. I've visited American war cemeteries in Belgium but am yet to make it to an Aussie one. One day.