Friday, September 05, 2008

Girl Gee Gee

We have had Premier Carmen Lawrence in Western Australia, although not elected. We have had Premier Joan Kirner in Victoria, again not elected. We have Anna Bligh in Queensland, but she was not elected either, as yet. Then there was Northern Territory's Chief Minister, Clare Martin and she seems to be the sole female head of a state or territory who has been elected.

Now we have a Governor General, the Queen's representative in Australia, who is a woman, but then she was not elected either, rather appointed. That's they way things go when you deal with royalty.

So welcome to the new job Ms Quentin Bryce. Lucky it is not a taxing job and being a woman, you will be quite good at opening fetes and chatting to school children. I think the days where you might have to sack a Prime Minister have passed, so long as our Kev can stay out of strip clubs.

We have some fine example of female politicians around the world, such as Maggie Thatcher. She may be a little doolally now, but we won't forget her kindly and caring disposition. Then there were all those other ones, such as Golda Mier, Indira Ghandi, Benazir Bhutto all peace makers and all turned their coutries around. The results are there for all to see. You just need to look in the right place.

Of course, who in Australia could not have heard of Sarah Palin, running mate for the Republican Party in the US? According to a US vox pops last night, oddly many Americans haven't seemed to have heard of her.

When Barak was put foward, I thought he might make the upcoming US elections a bit more interesting and add a bit of colour. But the Republican Party has wiped camera lens with colour. Do you think it will be days or weeks before the shooting star Sarah Palin explodes and then falls to earth dead?

Psst, just off the ticker tape, NSW may well have a female Premier in the near future.......again unelected.

Now I get it, male pollies pop a female into leadership roles when the party is on the nose with voters.

If you want my mysoginistic opinion, women, don't put up with this crap treatment.


  1. "She may be a little doolally now, but we won't forget her kindly and caring disposition."

    The bait is dangling, but this fish isn't biting...

  2. The governor general, last time I checked, bore as much meaning to me as your neighbour's shoelaces...Andrew.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Mmm, interesting. On the subject of 'up with this we shouldn't put' in terms of poison chalice inheritance, how do you suggest women go about assuming the seat of power when it isn't about to burst into flames?

    Your statistical theory could use a bit of work btw. Howard, Reagan, Bush (both of them) Putin, Hussein, Milosevic, Stalin, Ceausescu... Should I go on? The decent leaders would make a much shorter list.

    Perhaps we should all be looking at why a certain kind of person invariably self-selects as the 'leadership' type.



  4. This Sarah Palin - can't believe I already know who she is - apparently rather likes to shoot innocent moose as a past-time. She is creepy too with that whole ex-beauty queen, gun-toting, menacing, lolly-pink prom dress wearing thing she has going on. Shivers.

  5. You could only make a motherhood statement Brian.

    Quite so Reuben.

    A bit of militancy perhaps Pants? And I can't remember much about Mier nor Gandhi. I knew as I was typing that the post probably deserved some proper thought and construction instead of and attempt to glue some random thoughts together. While I don't underestimate Kirner, I am not sure that she did self select to climb to the peak. Just the right, or perhaps in retrospect, the wrong place at the time.

    LiD, she is like a parody of what, in our most extreme thoughts, a conservative female leader of the US might be.

  6. A propos of sheila pollies, the one and probably the only one who gets lots of ticks from me is Hanan Ashrawi.

    Ballsy, intelligent, eminently sensible, born in the same year as moi and probably because of all of that is destined not to fulfill her potential.

  7. I recall seeing her interviewed on tv a couple of times. The Wikipedia entry is interesting.

  8. I'm waiting for Quentin to bring out her own line of formal afternoon tea aprons - they'll be all the rage *cough*

  9. Sallyanne Atkinson, Lord Mayor or Brisbane

    Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

    Cristna Elisabet Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina

  10. Don't encourage me Jayne.

    Not sure about Bachelet or Fernandez de Kirchner Ian, but I have pretty strong opinions on Sallyanne Atkinson.