Friday, September 12, 2008

Eurostar not on fire, but the tunnel was

I made an error in a previous post. I said that when we travelled on the Eurostar between London and Paris, we were travelling at 180kph. I was wrong. It would seem we were travelling at 180mph, considerably faster. No wonder it was so hard to see the French countryside.

By lunch time today, GMT plus 11, the Australian radio, tv and local online newspaper were awash with news of a fire in the tunnel between Dover and Calais.

I thought I would take a peek and see what the English online papers were saying. I checked two before I was distracted to something else. There was nothing in either paper.

It is now headline news at The Independent. Had I have got to the BBC, I would guess there would have been a report there.

Perhaps our media is not as bad as I might think, in fast reporting anyway.


  1. Andrew,

    It was on the BBC news when I woke up this morning. The newspapers probably hadn't picked up on the story because they tend to be printed at 2 a.m. (and besides, they make all their stories up).
    The BBC was quick off the mark because it happened down the south of England. If it had happened 'oop north' it would have been different, as evidenced when Fleetwood Pier burnt down the other day and the presenters of News 24 were asking viewers to phone in any information or footage they might have because, despite the fact it had been an inferno for about six hours, they hadn't bothered to check it out themselves.

  2. Sad to hear of the pier fire. I have had a look online and there is heaps about it. In photos, it looks like the cafe where we had coffee is not in a great state.

  3. Andrew,

    The cafe where you had coffee (coffee, of course, being a generic term for what the brown sludge they serve up there) was next to the ferryboat house. The pier was round the corner. It's actually been shut for the last couple of years. People just don't go in for piers much anymore.

    Took this photograph the afternoon of the fire.

    It's definitely seen better days.

  4. Had it been insured Brian, I would have thought it was an insurance job. A privately owned pier would be an odd thing in Australia, or did they just lease it?

  5. Hi Andrew

    You might also find there was a media embargo for a time as terrorism might have been suspected initially. This would be quite normal.



  6. I don't like tunnels anywhere. I was scarred by that Sylvester Stallone movie which was so brilliant I can't remember the name.
    Where's the Bwca when I need trivia?

  7. Andrew,

    Oddly enough it wasn't insured. It was, however, privately owned by some bloke who keeps buying up historical properties locally, trying to convert them into luxury flats, having the planning permission refused because they're listed, and then, mysteriously, they burn down overnight leaving the ground clear for the flats to be built.

    Not that I'm suggesting anything of course...

  8. I have been watching the news clips about the Texas storm coming through, very scary stuff...worse still, is seeing the dumbos on the coast line right there on the news with large waves lapping and spraying with force, ready to knock them on their battooties.... jut madness.

  9. That certainly would explain it Pants. Never thought of that.

    Was your birth difficult Jahteh? Could explain your dislike of tunnels.

    But doesn't make sense in the case of the pier Brian.

    It was quite bad Cazzie. Will catch it on the tv news tonight.