Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edited Repost with a photo

I passed some interesting houses in Victoria Street, West Melbourne. High Street in Windsor is not the only place where frangipani grow. There were four houses in a row in Victoria Street with frangipani growing in their front yards.

The common factors? The houses face north and are solid brick. The warmth from the walls keeps the winter cold and frost off them and gives them plenty of heat in the summer. The High Street houses don't have verandahs. I don't think frangipani need a lot of water.

Frangipani seem to grow like weeds in Sydney, so if you are ever there or happen across the Melbourne ones, take a good sniff of the flowers. They have an exquisite scent. But in late Melbourne winter, they sure don't look much.


  1. Frangipani? Is that like the Marzipan that grows on cakes?

  2. Ah, the scent of frangipani on a warm summer breeze. They must be a beautiful display in flower.

  3. Green thumb, Andrew?
    You'll enjoy my handy hint for today then :P

  4. Crush the flowers and you have marzipan Brian.

    Does rather make you think of balmy summer nights LiD.

    I used to do ok in the green area Jayne. It's all about location, location, location.

  5. Not much lawn-mowing going on there, I gather?

  6. Well, everything is superficially green Daisy and grass is growing, but the soil is only damp to a very shallow level.

  7. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Lovely atmosphere described, Andrew.