Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bus v Cyclist. Bus 1 Cyclist 0

It gives me no joy to write this. Some time ago I wrote to City of Melbourne and Victoria Police over the deplorable state of Swanston Street. Not sure if I mentioned in my blog. I received a letter back from one of Catherine Ng's minions of the infuriating variety that leaves you no way to respond. I had argued my case and there was nothing left for me to say. I called in black, they called it white. Of course I mentioned the danger of the tour buses. When they first appeared in Swanston Street, I said to R, someone will die. I did think it would be a pedestrian though.

One can only hope that the death of cyclist today in Swanston Street will move some backsides off chairs and do something.

My plan? Glad you asked.

- Ban tour buses and horses and carts along with their obnoxious drivers.

- Either ban taxis or take control of them. Perhaps one recessed parking location for a limited number of taxis and it controlled by a taxi organiser. Enter from one street, exit at the next and no cruising for fares.

- Ban all private cars, all day, every day, with decent bright signage at any entry point.

- Recessed parking for delivery vehicles and tradespeople and further restrict their times.

- Adequate parking for police vehicles off Swanston Street. They accumulate at the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Lane.

- Ban Tramway emergency vehicles from parking while waiting for a tram disaster to happen. They can park anywhere.

You would be left with trams in the middle of the road and not blocked by all and sundry and cyclist flowing freely in a lane next to trams

But none of this will happen. It is pie in the sky. What could be done is the existing rules to be enforced.


  1. The best bet Andrew is just to ban people. They're a bloody nuiscance and there's too many of 'em.

  2. The council can't commit themselves to any of your suggestions as they would be reeling at shock at the commonsense that was oozing from your letter!
    Can't stand those bloody tour buses - rude obnoxious drivers shoving in as much bang for the tourist buck as they can while trampling all over people.
    The horses and carts aren't too bad - make them the only permitted transport, besides trams, in the city and we should have a happy city!

  3. I have no comment on the vehicle situation, but I'd like some pie if you have some to spare.

  4. Good idea Brian, like Sir Humphrey's hospital.

    Too many horses and carts Jayne. A couple were ok.

    Lemon Meringue Daisy?

  5. This accident left me quite shaken. I work in a city high-rise and could see the bus and tarp from my desk as police collected evidence and did other police-y things.

    That poor woman, her family, the bus driver - they all woke up thinking yesterday would be like any other.

  6. You're starting to scare me Andrew.

    *Making mental note to stay off the roads in Melbourne*

  7. Altissima, I just hate it when something is so predictable and it ends in a tragic outcome. It makes me angry at the powers that be.

    MD, you scare me because you think so like me. This event can completely change peoples lives and they will never be the same.

    You'll be fine Jo. From my observations, tram drivers are quite good at not running over stupid tourists. It is locals that they aim for and accelerate towards.

  8. I'll be doing a post on this in days to come. Stay tuned.

  9. Execute taxi drivers who abuse Swanston St. The rest will fall into line pretty quickly.

  10. Aw Rob, there must be someone who likes taxi drivers in this world.