Saturday, August 02, 2008

UK Summary

I saved these clips for when I wrote my UK summary. What I forgot to do was to save info to cite the authorship. Never mind. I found the clip below somewhere. The article said more, but what essentially the writer was talking about, was that in Thatcher's time, although her period as PM had ended in 1990, the media was very compliant with not reporting trouble. Interesting.

About the same time, extensive trouble on a Luton estate, 35 miles north of London, wasn't even mentioned until it had been quelled 5 days later. And so on. Of course, Newcastle in September '91 was so dramatic and big that everyone knew about it and the media gave up on its familiar blanking.

Now this one below is something many white working class people and not so working class I expect, would agree with. It sums up to me what many people told me. Their vitriol presently is towards to the Kosovans. They seem to have adjusted to having West Indians and those from the sub continent as neighbours and part of their lives. Not that there is a lot of co-mingling. But you have to be there to hear the way they spit out the word Kosovan. They have the privilege of seeing our own tv programme, the always very drawn out Border Security. Why can't England be like Australia, they say? Why can't we just stop people from coming in? It would seem, as explained to me, that refugees should request asylum in the first (western? euro?) country they get to. Instead countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands etc push them on towards England by being very slack at immigration points. England is the refugee's ultimate destination where they know they will be treated softly.

What really disturbed me quite a lot was how critical English people were of their country. Gone to the dogs, was a great country, has so much potential if not for...., its ****ed. Quite sad really, because I saw it as being pretty marvellous. I suppose in some way we are not so different. We are all critical of our country, but we perhaps say, with the confidence that we know it is a very desirable place for many people, Australia would be better with just a bit of tinkering. Or Australia would be ok if we had decent politicians. Actually, perhaps we are not so different to to the English. It was very clear to me that that our antecedents are English and that while American culture is omnipresent here, English culture is strong here, except it is not as in you face as American culture is. It is just what we have grown up with. Maybe it will be different in the future.

As I always seem to get myself into trouble when talking about race and have lost blog mates, I will add the disclaimer that I am not expressing a view on the pasted in texts. But from many I spoke to in four areas of England, one a very middle class person (in the old sense of middle class), I think they would endorse the writing below.

Come on Brian, you would have some sympathy toward the view below, from the comfort of Hughes Castle in the monocultural town of Fleetwood. Dangerous area perhaps. What about you Pants, who is surely at least an honorary English person.

There is, of course, nothing that can be done now. England has become a multicultural society, though no large number of English people ever wanted it to be. Through the folly, arrogance and sentimentality of their well-insulated ruling class, and by their own inattention, deference, disorganization and reluctance to appear unkind, the English have given up large tracts of their country to foreign peoples, whom they dislike and who dislike them right back. The English have created their very own race problem from scratch — possibly the greatest act of self-destructive folly perpetrated by any civilized nation in the twentieth century.


  1. "Their vitriol presently is towards to the Kosovans."

    Who? The Kosovans? If I asked anybody round these parts what they thought about the Kosovans they'd probably just reply, "Dunno. Who are they?"

    Must be the crowd you've been talking to over in Geordieland's beef, that one, Andrew.

    "England has become a multicultural society..."

    Er...Celts, Romans, Saxons, Norse, Normans...the list goes on. We've always been a multicultural society...otherwise Shakespeare wouldn't have been able to write Othello really.

    "...the English have given up large tracts of their country to foreign peoples, whom they dislike and who dislike them right back. The English have created their very own race problem from scratch — possibly the greatest act of self-destructive folly perpetrated by any civilized nation in the twentieth century."

    What a heap of bullshit. Who wrote that? One of William the Conqueror's mates? The Australian Nationalist Party? Whoever it was hasn't got a clue what they're fucking talking about.

  2. I was about to say what Brian has already pointed out - that England was already a multi-cultural society with all the invasions,royal wars and interbreeding, etc.

    Aussie culture has only been more Americanised since WW2; before that every newsreader had to speak with a plummy, throaty voice and ev-er-y syl-la-ble had to be co-rrrrectly annunciated. You know my opinion on how Aussie culture is stuffed in the back of the wardrobe with the skeletons; beyond time it was given full fanfare all over the idiot box.

    And that old saying is oh so true - we don't realise how good our own country really is until we view it from afar when o/s.

  3. I think it's a bit sensationalist. Social cohesion is an important issue to many British, but it is for many countries. I think Britain are just as racist as any western country, but it's hidden behind a veneer of stiff-upper lips and eyeball twitching.
    I can't help noticing that the British Nationalist Party is polling ahead of New Labor.
    Don't worry, immigration will slow once the global economy stabilises. We will see immigrants finding places like India and China more attractive to settle in.

  4. A lot of Kosovans were sent to the north east Brian, maybe too many. As I always say, it is all about the numbers. I don't think it was an Australian who wrote the second piece.

    Jayne, I wonder if anyone has ever really worked out what Aussie culture means. I think we all have our own personalised version of it, but there is the big picture, so to speak.

    Previous governments are to blame Reuben. While taking the people with you and pushing them a bit, they cannot go too far.

  5. Being from an English background I know where your coming from and agree with your conclusion. Interesting and truthful post.

  6. "I think Britain are just as racist as any western country, but it's hidden behind a veneer of stiff-upper lips and eyeball twitching."

    Still, it's good to see that racial stereotyping has obviously been eliminated in Australia.

  7. Out on a bit of limb here Reuben and Brian, but I would guess that as a population percentage, there would be no more people who were just downright rude to someone because of their race in either country. I can't imagine anyone who I met would be so, although I expect the old has been journalist in the pub in Paddington may have been of that bent.

    Psst, Brian, we can still tell Irish jokes here............oh, I just had a think about you name and proximity.

  8. Thanks for the comment Serial. I am not sure that I was really coming from anywhere. Just some bits of information represented without attribution. My point about being a little saddened by the English attitude to their own country, was my opinion. For all its faults, it is wonderful country, historically and I think in the future.

  9. Andrew,

    Hughes is a welsh surname...which is a bit odd in its own right because I'm actually half scottish, half english. It's a long story, and one that I'm going to keep to myself you'll be glad to hear.

  10. Scottish and English with a Welsh surname. Hmmm, (Andrew scratches his head and thinks about his own even more mixed up heritage, but then decides Brian is a bastard of some type)

  11. "...but then decides Brian is a bastard of some type..."

    I reckon that's a given, Andrew...although not in the biblical sense, of course.

  12. You are not so bad. I see you have a new post. Did a cow finally nudge you into some hole you dug? Better go and read it.


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