Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time to stop the crack

I have a mixed mind about the media barrage of negative public transport stories. While it is good that our media are keeping public transport on our front pages and focusing the attention of politicians, bureaucrats and operators, it would rather put off the casual or new traveller.

But there really is cause for complaint. So much talking about improvements, so many reports, so much research, so many proposals, yet nothing seems to happen.

I know Australia is not like China, but while we were dithering with reports, China went ahead and did this.

From ABC's Midday Report
In the run-up to the games Beijing constructed four new subway lines with 47 new stations; it rolled out thousands of buses, and replaced every taxi. It also built the world's biggest airport.

And totally unrelated, I was very sad to hear of the death of Mark Priestley who played Dan Goldman in the tv show All Saints. I don't say it lightly, but he was a great actor.


  1. Ditto on China increasing the transport network. If the pollies really wanted it to be built, it would get built.

    Yes, was a bit shocked when I heard about his death :(

  2. Even Sydney and Perth are doing it (god forbid!).

  3. "In the run-up to the games Beijing constructed four new subway lines with 47 new stations..."

    Demolishing countless homes without financial compensation in the process. I'd stick with a crap public transport system if I were you Andrew, before the government takes heed of China's 'great leap backwards' and sets its sights on a few highrise blocks as part of its clearance plan.

  4. Course they would Jayne. It is to the point now that it is causing political damage.

    Pretty exciting in Perth Reuben.

    Which is precisely why I qualified it Brian, with 'I know Australia is not like China...'

  5. I know! I was thrilled. And then I remembered that it's only Perth People who will feel the benefits. I started habitually drinking when I stumbled upon the realisation that nothing will change here because of Labor and Liberals lack of foresight.

  6. Mark Priestley. A sad parallel with Paul Hester.

    We can only hope we see signs in those around us, and having done so can do something. Hard, but ...

  7. It is such a terrible waste. I think I made a post about Paul Hester when he died and if I didn't pull it, I should have.