Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Evil Kennett

There is one person in our fair state of Victoria who I really detest with a passion and that is ex Premier Jeff Kennett.

He and his privately educated ilk, with their huge bank balances, bullying and overbearing manners and born to rule attitude without a stuff in hell for anyone less fortunate, and that is all it is, the luck of the draw, deserve more than a bullet in the head. Something much slower and painful like a twenty four hour acid bath.

However, in his time in public life and all the evil things he did, I do not recall Kennett as being overtly homophobic. Perhaps you can provide me of instances that I have forgotten, and of course the Tasty night club raid happened under his government. Hah, the cops thought they had free reign under his government. At the end of the day, it was taxpayers who paid the compensation to the victims.

I digress. The gay, so called community, has been up in arms over comments Kennett made about the sacking of a bi-sexual football coach/trainer. It would seem that Kennett linked homosexuality with paedophilia by saying , not a precise quote, that having this bi-sexual football trainer having interaction with young men was like leaving a paedophile in charge of children. I am sure any of my regular readers knows what nonsense this is and that there is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia.

After hearing the accused interviewed at length today, I think the bloke is a victim of homophobia (I don't use that word lightly) and country towns can be very homophobic. I know.

You know, in these omnipresent media times, it is all about appearances and how you are seen and what you say. It is not about what you really think. I don't know what Kennett really thinks, but by his public performance on this matter, he is unfit to hold public office and should immediately resign his public positions, especially as a leader of the Hawthorn football club, but most importantly as a representative of Beyond Blue, an org to lobby and educate on the mental illness of depression.

As for Kennett fancying his chances as Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne, I will lobby and activate like I never have before to prevent it.



  1. There's not much to choose between Kennett, Ronald Regan, and Maggie Thatcher. What a trio, a death's head trifecta, each of them happy to let people starve.

    Politicians perform for media like never before, and it's extraordinary how Kennett for instance thinks he can now play a nice character, but I recall him too well as Mr User Pays.

    And who knows what any of them think, they're bought and sold by current prejudice, especially at election time.

    So have people forgotten how mean Kennett was?

    I haven't.

    What an insult that someone like this heads an organisation fighting Depression when he caused so much of it himself.

  2. I said he 'heads' Beyond Blue.

    'Fronts' is a better word.

    And golly, some even wanted this twerp as prime minister.

  3. "...having this bi-sexual football trainer having interaction with young men was like leaving a paedophile in charge of children."

    Having this homophobic old retard in charge of Melbourne would be like leaving Adolf Hitler in charge of a bar mitzvah.

  4. Kennett once, albeit briefly, several years ago mentioned that if he knew then what he knows now about depression, the health system, education, etc, he'd have done a lot of things differently when he was Premier.
    But then he opened his stupid great gob and made that stupid remark, removing all doubt about how pig-ignorant he really is.

    Re; music program - eMule is a goodie, though I haven't used it for awhile.
    I've got a few Noel Coward tracks, I'll email you the list ;)

  5. I am reminded Robert, that there are teens around now who have no memory of the Kennett g'vt.

    I don't think he has much chance now Brian.

    Can never trust him Jayne. A little Noel Coward is a good thing.

  6. LOL @ Brian's comment.

    I agree with you completely here Andrew, but I seriously doubt he'll be relelected. Melbournian's are smarter than he thinks.

  7. everything you need to know about Jeffrey is in a wonderful book by the late Peter Blazey titled SCREWLOOSE.
    They were at Scotch together.
    Blazey recounts that JK taunted a boy there by singing at him at every chance
    "Cunty Kaufman Is A Jew"

  8. My heart tells me he would not be elected Reuben.

    Ann, now don't tell me you ever met Peter Blazey? I suppose his brother is still alive, Clive is it?

  9. I hadn't heard about Jeff's comments, what a tool. Regarding Politics in general: call me a pessimist but I doubt we'll ever find a politician capable of pleasing everyone.

  10. Of course we won't EQ, but there has to some basic humanity about them and Kennett showed none.

  11. So really, we can conclude from Kennett's statements, gay(or bisexual)men are not able to be control their impulses, are all molesters, can't be trusted, aren't to be given any responsibilities and need to be marginalised. Gee Jeff, and you want to be Lord Mayor, all I can say, is good luck!
    Marginalisation, as Jeff should know, will cause depression

  12. Thanks for the comment Ian. You've summed it up pretty well.