Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tech bamboozled old man

Apparently my attitude was poor yesterday when we went looking for a new car. It was also poor when we went looking for a new tv and digital recorder for someone's bedroom.

Of course it is never my fault, just a communication problem. But we may well have missed a bargain in the Harvey Norman store in Moorabbin. My brain had become tired and overloaded and I was mixing my electonic brake force distrubution with my mega hertz resolutions. After checking in the city today, we realised how poor the selection and bargains are at the HN city store. Add to that, having to return home and get the car and worry about where to park and pick up, we again set off for Moorabbin.

R bought a nice 32"/81cm high definition Samsung LCD tv for his bedroom. His very old 14" CRT tv was showing a bright blue flare on the screen when he turned if off. Most alarming.

He also bought a Topfield personal digital video recorder and a shockingly expensive HDMI cable to connect the tv to the pvr. Why is it not included? What else are you going to connect it to? For some reason, we are also in possession of some other cables which cost $35 and I have no idea what they do. As my mouth got me into trouble yesterday, I stayed schtum.

First thing was to get the tv to work. Not so hard. In the past I used to manually tune a tv but realised once we bought a digital, it is best to do the auto thing and let it sort itself out.

It started to scan for tv channels when I realised that I had not plugged the aerial in. Check the manual on how to restart it and success. Then connect the vcr and scan analogue channels again to pick up the vcr. Then realise that R won't need the vcr anymore, but at least I had it working.

It was by then six o'clock and eating into my drinkies time. Take a break and some refreshment and establish what time pasta sauce that has been simmering off and on all day will be ready for serving with the finest supermarket pasta.

Just enough time to try to connect the pvr. Plug everthing in and it doesn't work. No picture. The manual advises a button to press and of course I did, still nothing. Manual goes on to advise connecting with conventional cables and sort your HDMI then. I am not so sure. My head has had enough and I am hungry and I will leave it for tomorrow.

Huh, people used to ask me to sort out their new vcr/tv connection set up and problems, and I could.

Now I am just an old man who has been overtaken by technology.

Update: The highrise: 09.30am: Found the problem. It was an issue with remote control, that is a problem at the non sending end of the unit. I believe it is called operator error.


  1. No, you're tired, starved and in need of a break.
    Walk away before you do your lolly lol.
    Then go back later a re-check the cables are in the right sockets, switch 'em over, fiddle around with everything then claim you're an old man :P

  2. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Good luck with the HDMI cable. I got sucked into buying one for $160 and had no luck whatsoever at getting it to work. Went back to standard red white & yellow connections. TV reception is perfect - dvd hard drive is crap -tried everything to no avail. Especially when antenna goes thru dvd/harddrive before the tv, go figure? Bloody new technology.....

  3. Yep, a fresh start in the morning does wonders Jayne.

    Got it working Anon with the exe cable. I am not game to try the coloured ones in case they work perfectly.

  4. Let me tell you, you young whippersnapper, at my age chewing gum and driving the Zimmer frame at the same time is a badge of honour and worth a hundred elephant stamps.

    And no, I've never mastered those frigging red. yellow and white Rubik's Cube plugs. What's wrong with the traditional red, white and blue or even the red, amber and green?

    Seem like when I do plugs I end up in the murky world of Plasticene.


    You start off with all sorts of brightly distinct colours but once you fiddle about with it for a while you end up with a big blob of purplish grey muck.

  5. "...but once you fiddle about with it for a while you end up with a big blob of purplish grey muck."

    Otherwise known as Australian television.

  6. Otherwise known as 'television' ... period!

  7. I don't like technology. And I'm 18...if it's of any relevance.

  8. I had forgotten about how plasticine ended up. It was revolting. Who on earth invented such a stupid product.

    Having seen both now Brian, I know which I prefer.

    Because of your age, I tell people to be gentle with you Reuben, but they ignore me.

  9. I ignore me. Never mind them!

  10. "Having seen both now Brian, I know which I prefer."

    Me too...French telly.

  11. When my brother bought a HD STB the guy tried to get him to buy exy HDMI cables that were worth twice as much as what he was buying. He ended up going somewhere else and getting a much cheaper one. I've seen cheap ass HDMI cables at $2 shops (they cost like $15-$20)...

  12. Without doubt, the salesman with his slick talk took advantage of R. Still, R is happy, so no matter.

  13. "Without doubt, the salesman with his slick talk took advantage of R. Still, R is happy, so no matter."

    So in respect of R, you and the salesman differ exactly where? :0)

  14. Such insinuations. I am a kind, caring and sharing loving partner.

  15. Andrew, technology shits me up the wall, too.

  16. But I will still struggle to beat it Hawkeye.

  17. Meh, I just wanna know why our Foxtel reception is crap when running a coaxial cable into a HD TV. Surely it should be crystal clear? Bah humbug.

  18. It should be Hawkeye. Does it go directly to the tv?