Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My usual tasteful headline.

I don't much like the idea of killing an unborn child. Who would? Of course when it becomes a child is open to debate, but I don't hold that it is a child from the minute it was conceived.

I used to believe in abortion of the unwanted when I was younger, but like on many social matters, I see an awful lot of grey now, in fact life has gone from black and white to a very dull shade of grey. I certainly don't want woman to be bringing up a child when they don't want to though.

Of course, there is adoption, but it is not like that there is a shortage of babies in the world, they just need a bit of redistribution.

What greatly amuses me is how so many men have strong opinions on what women should do, from the Roman Catholic pope and the President of the United States down.

Uh, know, if you kept your.......yeah well, that will never happen.

Even now as abortion is about to be decriminalised in our fair state of Victoria, who decided this? Mostly men in parliament. (I hasten to add, although abortion is a criminal act, to my knowledge no one has been prosecuted for decades).

I think fellahs, there are now some areas where we have to cede control and let women do as they wish. Their bodies, their lives, their decision. As the past has proved, they will do it regardless anyway, which is rather where the arguments from passionate anti abortion botherers fall down.


  1. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Actually this reform will give more choice the women - and give less power to the emotive bleating of the religious-right. I therefore support it.

    And I happily give a smug look on my face in the direction of any Fred Nile supporters.

  2. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Prior to my own pregnancy, I used to feel strongly about a woman's right to abort an unwanted baby. But this has since changed.

    Most people don't realise how developed babies often are at the time abortions are performed.

    I had an ultrasound when I was 10 weeks pregnant (which is 8 weeks after conception, and just 6 weeks after a missed period). At that stage the baby was already formed, kicking about, and reacting to pressure on my belly.

    Since experiencing this, and understanding that abortions are often performed around this stage of development, I totally disagree with them.

    There really is no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy in this age where contraception if so freely available. Women need to get down to the chemist, close their legs, or take some responsibility for their actions.

  3. I used to be against abortions, but then I tried changing the oil to Crisp and Dry, and now I think they're great!

  4. News that's well over-due!

  5. Quite so Reuben.

    It is a complicated and emotive issue Anon. Thanks for you voice.

    Not soggy then Brian?

    Yes Jayne, no good comes from something being illegal that will be done regardless.

  6. anonymous is incorrect about 'kicking at 8 weeks'.

    sincerely, Mother of 3

  7. anonymous gave themselves away as being male.
    check the last line "their actions" - no female would say that.

    kicking is discernable at 20 weeks.

  8. I see your point Ann. The whole language is not possessive is it?

  9. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Like Ann, I also take issue with anon's comments.

    If it isn't right for you, fine, but please don't tell me what I, or indeed other women, should be doing.

    It's hardly a decision a woman makes lightly - she'll already be her own judge and jury without needing another to pass judgement.

  10. I don't know if it happens now MD, but imagine getting through a protesting crowd outside a clinic as used to happen. As is if it not a hard enough decision for most women.

  11. Personally I couldn't have handled an abortion so I made the decision not to have another child and had a tubal ligation which I never regreted. I would never tell another woman what to do with her body but I had plenty tell me that what I was doing was bad.

  12. 'She's had her tubes tied', used to be the nudge, I think spoken with envy.

    It really is funny Jahteh, how everyone seems to know what a person should do over such a personal thing. Of course it is sad that you didn't have another child by your husband who might have been your husband in his image. Too cruel.

  13. I think abortion rates dropped when they introduced the baby bonus and some made a career out of having babies

  14. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Actually Ann, fetal movement starts at just 7 weeks, sometimes earlier.

    These days, most women have their first routine scan at 10 weeks after conception and almost every one of them will tell you that the baby was kicking and moving around (unless asleep).

    Both my babies were definately kicking and bouncing around like crazy when I had my first scans at 10 weeks.

  15. And that is a worry Jo.

    Ok Anon, right or wrong, kicking or not, can we agree that it is the woman's decision?

  16. Flashing my doodle is a man's decision, should the law interfere?
    It's my body, you crumbs!
    I'd like prosecutions against gangster surgeons doing cosmetic surgery on women who really need psychiatric treatment.
    Poor dears, looks are everything, right to the end.