Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Scary about Blogs 01/05/08

I had no idea when I first started blog writing that you would actually connect with people. Two people on my blog list actually know who I am and I have spoken to them, sort of. But I don't know them on a personal level.

The rest are quite remote. Do I want to speak to them or meet them? I have had plenty of opportunities in the past, but it never worked out work wise.


  1. Tis scary when someone emails with many personal details about yourself LMAO!
    Until you remember you know where they work :P

  2. Haha Jayne. Course, it wouldn't take much detective work to work out where I live either.

  3. I haven't told any of my friends about my blog and I haven't yet had the experience of someone who knows me contacting me through my blog.

    I wonder how I'll feel when that happens.

  4. Not having friends read it Victor does give you a certain freedom. One day I am going to get caught out by someone I know.

  5. One day Sedgwick will post a photo of you on his blog and you will be famous or infamous.

  6. I don't think M'lord is fleet enough of foot to catch me. Is the gout rumour true?

  7. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Sometimes I think it'd be lovely to know blog friends in real life. And then I remember that part of the beauty of blogging is the anonymity.

    That said, I did think I had perhaps spotted you out and about recently, Andrew!

  8. Meeting them would be hard MD, but I don't think it would restrain my writing, well maybe a tiny bit. Given I deleted someone today from my blog list, which I didn't like doing, but I have to maintain my own rules about such things, I guess once you met them, they would get a permanent gig.

    You're only trying to scare me. So where then?

  9. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Agreed Andrew, the logistics would make it a little hard. And rules are rules!

    As for where I thought I may have spotted you, it was on the cusp of Prahran/Windsor last Saturday night. Was I close?

  10. Scratching my head now. Ah, finished work 7.15, drove home westward along Dandenong Road to eat roast lamb and stayed in as earlyish start on Sunday. Must have been some other handsome devil!

  11. Dear Hot Andrew,
    you are coming to your FOURTH anniversary -
    Highriser Foundation Stone
    LAID September 2004

    I have had drinks with Boynton, Cast Iron Balcony, Coppy and Pants of course, and at least a half-dozen male bloggers who were all charming civil friendly people, just as one could already tell from reading them - it's A Good Thing.

  12. Thanks for reminding me. Four years hey. Hmmm. But I am sure you don't want your illusions or delusions ruined.