Friday, August 01, 2008

The Newsletter

R and I are busy producing the building's newsletter. There is summer edition and a winter one, but this one will be late as we were away. As much as I would like to make it a list of rules and penalties, we recognise that it needs to embrace all residents, foreign born, owner or renter, mob of students, or quiet old person and should be more than a list of rules and regulations.

Although Asian residents, including Indians and Sri Lankans, make up half the population of the building, they are not forward in participating in building matters. Positive things have been put in place to encourage, but to no avail.

I found this a bit interesting and thought it would go down quite well in the newsletter. I can assure you, it goes before a proof reader before being published and it it is still quite raw anyway. I don't think this is the picture that I took will be used. I have better ones.

Did you know that we have the oldest continuously operating Buddhist temple in Australia just a fifteen minute walk from xxx. The See Yup Temple is at 76 Raglan Street, South Melbourne and was built in 1866, making it one hundred and forty two years old! George Wharton designed the temple in the Classical Revival style with Oriental influences. Contained within the temple are over 13,000 tablets to commemorate members of the See Yup Society who have died throughout Victoria. See Yup means Four Towns of Canton. It is open every day of the year; worshipers and visitors alike are welcome.


  1. "Contained within the temple are over 13,000 tablets..."

    For the hangover Witchy's going to have when she's finished celebrating her birthday, perhaps...

  2. Ah Brian, I just know she is a person of moderation.

  3. Must drag FB down there to explore the culture.
    That sounds good for a newsletter, Andrew, as you say, more interesting than a list of rules.

  4. I've never been in Jayne. I got kicked out of a Maori meeting house in Rotorua once, I didn't signs, and I am now nervous about entering such places. Perhaps I could hide under your skirts?

  5. You should include your blog in the newsletter. The more the merrier.

  6. When I was on the committee of the building Reuben, I used to write more about it, including descriptions of committee members. I wouldn't dare.