Friday, August 29, 2008

Qantas stumps up

Remember before we took our trip to England via Singapore, how our flight left something like ten hours late? Instead of arriving in Singapore at the the hour of 9pm and having a nice night's sleep, we arrived at around 7am. We also forfeited our airport bus fare of around $30. Damn Qantas.

I felt I had moral justification on my side, and while it is so easy to say, oh well, say la vee, I was not having this.

I wrote a letter to Qantas and heard nothing back. I sent a reminder email, and heard nothing back. Time to use the hated telephone instrument and find a Sydney telephone number buried deep within their website. The telephone experience was not really unpleasant and the result is a $300 travel voucher.

If everyone on that flight complained as I did, I doubt that there would ever be such late flights. In Europe, compensation for such a late flight departure is automatic.

What fascinated me was the person at the end of the phone. She stated that if it was a technical or maintenance matter, it wasn't the fault of Qantas and no compensation was due. What? I would have thought if it was a problem with a Qantas plane, then that would be when it was their fault.

Before she could draw breath and me to say anything, she dived in with the $300 compensation. Hmm, I see how it works.

Just in case Qantas is going broke, R has cashed in all his points for a $350 Myer voucher.

I have had some bad days in my life, but hanging around at home when I was expecting to be flying to Singapore was among the worst. I was due the voucher and some.


  1. "...the result is a $300 travel voucher."

    Bastards. Next time you book a flight with Quantas ask 'em if they'll accept supermarket vouchers.

  2. GOOD!
    It's about time they shifted their arse into line with o/s airlines if they want to compete on a global scale with them.

  3. Indeed you were!!

  4. Anonymous8:05 pm

    QANTAS' propensity to treat passengers like cattle has a cultural basis. Most Australians don't, I've observed, take much pride in their work and this extends into their customer service ability (or lack thereof).

    Not an astute observation if you've ever had the misfortune of travelling with them.

  5. Indeed Brian. While is was suggesting no plane holiday next year, stay home and paint interior, now it looks like we must fly again.

    It is pretty well crap Jayne, compared to a similar situation in Europe.

    Thank you Jo.

    Emirates or Singapore Airlines are looking good for the future Reuben.

  6. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Well done to you! The 'australian airline' screwed the parents over royally on their recent trip back. The fact that dad is a platinum frequent flyer didn't seem to bother them, either. It's sad, they just lost two regular (business class) flyers on their Melbourne-LA-NY route.

  7. If they have the stamina for it MD, then they should not accept it without complaint. We Australians get a very raw deal from our international airline.