Monday, August 18, 2008

The Project

The basement area of our building is huge and it contained very little, just a couple of sump pumps and the rest just four areas of open space. It was not properly lit and is quite damp and a small amount of water flows around where the walls join the floor on its way to who knows where.

Contractors put up barriers and gates so a smaller area of the basement could be turned into a another bicycle storage area. There are two already and they are overfull of bikes. With 55 new spaces, one small area could be closed and the project should storage proof the building for bikes well into the future, or until we have to all sell our cars because we can't afford petrol.

The electrical contractor came and installed lighting on a sensor. The main door's closing damper was slowed right down to give time to get a bike through the door.

A working bee was organised and five of us slogged away painting the ceiling and walls. We painted until we ran out of paint. The paint shop had estimated how much paint would be required for unpainted walls and ceilings and we needed double that amount, a total of 60 litres.

So, it was only half painted and two people finished it off over a few nights one week.

The installer of the bike hooks and stands fitted his equipment, and I guess it was him who supplied this nifty pump.

We are pretty pleased with our efforts.

The wall hooks are somewhat less substantial than in the other bike storage area, but I guess they will do the job. Along the wall is a gutter where water flows to a drain hole. Since the area is below ground level, I guess the sump pumps take care of the water.
It will take some time to fill the whole area with bikes. Note the sewerage pipes. The make marvellous gurgling and water like noises. One does not want to imagine is flowing through them. This area is about a quarter of the total area under the building. One resident's son wants to hold a dance party down there. But the acoustics are awful, even just for talking.
The lonely Highriser Apollo sits forlornly in the corner.
I guess the contractor threw the pump in. He ought to have anyway. My $2 plastic bike pump has seized, and my tyres were flat, so I couldn't ride my bike. Well, that excuse won't wash any more.


  1. Noice!
    So the residents can use the old line "Come down and I'll show you my rack..." :P

  2. That bike room's bigger than my whole house. Actually, it might even be bigger than Fleetwood. Personally I keep my bike locked up in the shed. Not so it doesn't get nicked, but so that I'm not tempted to hunt down the key to dig it out.

  3. I've been delaying my basement painting job - I can't imagine how many gallons of paint it's going to take.

    Your storage area looks wonderful.

  4. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Good stuff. Now all you need to do is convince the rest of the apartment-dwelling elite...starting with Eureka tower!

  5. There will be no showing of racks in my building Jayne.

    Typical English cramped house Brian? Don't worry, my mother's house is too.

    Daisy, I did notice no further posts on your basement project.

    We are the flagship building for good reasons Reuben.