Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pride B4 Fall 08/01/08

See the B4. I know modern stuffs hey, except it took longer to type because I had to think about it. Just typing before would have been quicker. Same goes for texting on the mobile telephone instrument. It is quicker for me to write the full word.

Ah yeah, what is the post about. Pride before fall. I like to be very careful with pride and please don't add a comment of praise. I am unworthy.

Apart from an almost successful relationship with R and living in quite a nice place, I don't think I have achieved much in my life. I have made many mistakes. R will give you a long list upon request.

But gee I get off on making blog friends with such a diverse range of people. I won't list anyone because I will forget someone, but Asia, US, UK, straight and gay, oldish and young, high flyers and low flyers, pimps and whores (no, hang on, not got any of those and I did not mean you Steph), local people and foreign people.


  1. Never achieved much? But my dear boy, this blog is an achievement, among the best: most interesting, and intelligent.


  2. How kind Robert. Have you taken tea with Pants yet?

  3. Not yet. But it will now be performed in her new car.

    Probably in St Kilda Road, outside your place.

  4. Well, do give us a yell then Robert.