Sunday, August 17, 2008


When I started my blog, I used Picasa to upload the occasional photos. I suppose blogspot had a photo upload system, but it wasn't obvious to me. Later I picked it up and did not bother with Picasa anymore and instead like so many do, I used Flickr. But Flickr is limited if you don't pay for it. Now I learn that Picasa has all my pictures archived and I can embed a slide show. Of course learning it and actually being able to do it, are two separate matters.

The above was written a week or so ago. I set up Picasa and embedded the slide show into my blog and I have taken a second look at it to see if I can alter it, but it would seem not. The problem is that it starts showing the same photo each time and goes in the same order each time. So I, and anyone looking, only sees the same photos.

I have just uploaded two hundred of my latest blog photos to Flickr and I will put the Flickr slide show back soon. Flickr will only show the latest 200 photos, but at least at random.


  1. This might explain why, despite having upgraded to broadband, your website always takes ages to load in, Andrew. On the other hand, it might just be because my computer's a bit crap.

  2. One other person has mentioned that ages ago Brian. I honestly have no idea why. It loads ok for me even when I am logged out of it. Ok, photos are off and I will leave them off and see if it is any better. Let me know.

  3. Loads up ok for me but I'm on broadband with a brand new pc so I'm no yardstick to judge by lol.

  4. Anonymous5:30 pm

    DeviantART all the way! I'm sorry, but it's just simply the best.

  5. Andrew,

    I suspect it's because I clear my cookies off a lot, thus forcing all the little side programs you have attached to your board to reload themselves each time I visit.

    It loaded in a lot quicker this morning, incidentally, possibly because I've had my Readybrek.

  6. Ok Reuben, this time I will take a decent look.

    I don't think that is the reason Brian, and nor do I think it was the photo thing. I think I had too many posts showing on one page. I reduced the number to one week's worth. But really, with broadband, it should not matter too much.

  7. Andrew,

    Whatever you've done it's loading faster now. I'm not sure why but the only two blogs my broadband slows down for are/were yours and Jayne's. (Jayne's still runs really slow.) I've no idea why. I can stream videos and play music and all sorts of other stuff fine with BT Broadband. Possibly one of the sub programs was linked from a dodgy of those that take ages to locate and run...possibly. Possibly not...I'll be honest, I'm a complete retard with all matters technological, so I haven't really got a clue.

  8. Equally a luddite, I would guess that it was my Flickr photos on the side bar being flash and not html as they are now.

    Keep me informed of problems.

  9. Oh, and there is a lot on Jayne's page, so maybe that is why it is slow to load. Her site even takes time for me to load, but of course, worth it.