Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out and About in Middle Park

No, they are not real people but mannequins. Clever hey. As usual, I chopped the top off the building.

This tree house is terribly inferior to the one my father built for us kids. Ours had lino on the floor, packing crates covered with fabrics and other accessories that a young gay boy would want in his house.
There are still quite a lot of these, the red building, around. I think it was a stable. Naturally it would not have had a roller door, but swinging wooden doors. I think the horse went in the doors and the hay up top. What flowed out into the drain was probably quite unpleasant. Given how expensive Middle Park housing is now, I expect there is a car lift in there to lift one car up and allow another to park underneath.


  1. Anonymous7:15 pm

    I know the house with the mannequins! I was house-sitting just around the corner from there earlier this year and always liked to see how they were posed/dressed on my tram ride into work.

  2. You could have a lot of fun with them MD. Dress them for the season......Spring Racing, c'mas, easter, Mardi Gras etc.

  3. "...they are not real people but mannequins."

    I believe the correct term, Andrew, is 'Americans'.

  4. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I love that alleyway. Tons of atmosphere and perfect for filming.
    Also, Andrew, you should consider cleaning the lens of your camera.

  5. You will offend Daisy, Brian.

    I just checked Reuben and it is perfectly.........ah, has a fingermark smudge on it.

  6. Those Mannequins remind me of the film "I am Legend", or even the latest Indiana Jones. In either case the moral of the tale is that if you find mannequins standing around in natural settings and poses get out of there fast.

  7. Love those old lanes, they scream to be explored...in broad daylight...and carrying a large stick, of course.

  8. "You will offend Daisy, Brian."

    No...Daisy's not an American. She's a one off, a universal treasure! (I reckon that should be enough to safely plaster over my faux pas.)

  9. I felt safe Ben as they were contained within the balcony area.

    I like lanes too Jayne and always walk them when I can. The bluestone makes for a good foot massage too.

    I think she likes you actually Brian.

  10. Oh, I believe he redeemed himself, Andrew. (and you're right, I do like him fine.)