Saturday, August 09, 2008

Music of me yoof #213

The last computer reload of Windows must have been over a year ago. I had never bothered since with a new program for downloading music. I lost interest with music after I accidentally deleted a heap of music from my hard drive. It was all in terrible mess anyway.

Then I heard a track that I just had to have. I might stick it up next week.

Right, I used to use Kazaa Light and WinMX for music. Both were horrid to use and I always had to turn the firewall off. I mustn't had given them permission originally and they never asked again. Well, Kazaa Light would not work. I don't know why. I tried the full flight Kazza and boy did that set off some fireworks, virus checker did not like it, nor did the spyware program or the ad blocking program. It was all giving me a headache. Forget about it.

But a week later I thought of the song again. Let me have a look on the net and see what modern young people are using to steal music. WinMX is still around and very popular in Japan. I am not in Japan and I never liked it much.

I have heard of this Gnutella. I thought it was something ghastly from overseas that you spread on bread. I still don't know what it is, but you can access Gnutella music with a program called Limewire. I downloaded a copy but it would not install. Idiot, that is the Mac one. I want the one for the evil operating system. Ok, done. Limewire is brilliant compared to what I had used. It is so simple and easy and everything I want seems to be out there.

Now I must put in a leave request at work so that I can download heaps of music and have them sensibly sorted and burnt onto cds that do not have a Blondie track, followed by Madame Butterfly, followed by Noel Coward, followed by T Rex.

I thought I would like to hear Sk_yhook_s Ly_gon St Li_mbo but instead of it playing as a music file, the pc asked me if I wanted to run this .exe file. I don't think so! Then another track I downloaded was also an .exe file. Music never used to come as an .exe file, does it now? How would you know if it was music or something bad anyway? I think I have told Limewire to block .exe files in the future.

Ah, there is another track from my youth. Smu_t Good fun song.

The singer is Red Symons (pictured), now an almost respectable ABC radio presenter, the one Jayne spoke to a couple of weeks ago. He hasn't aged too badly, but he was quite pretty in the clip.

The deliciously smooth and bare topped singer Shirley Strachan, was killed in a helicopter crash.

So enjoy a bit of S-mut


  1. Red has a degree in Mathematics.
    'Hooks very first gig was at The T.F.Much Ballroom in Fitzroy
    and I was there.
    I was in their road crew one time, bumping out of a Latrobe Uni gig about 1980 and the head roadie stood up in the truck with a loudhailer screaming out "G9" or whatever code was on the piece of equipment, and you had to run it up the ramp PDQ. They said I was a Pretty Damn Good Roadie too.

  2. I use iTunes for downloading the legal ones and steal from boyfriend for everything else (he's got a catalog of about 14,000.)

  3. I am old Ann. T F Much Ballroom? Fitzroy or Fitzroy Street? I remember the Ballroom, kind of.

    And I sentence you Daisy, as a person living off the pleasures of the Freshman's illegal activities........
    14,000? There must be something there for everyone.

  4. So that's what happened to Rod, Jayne and Freddy off Rainbow.

  5. Oh no Andrew, he bought all of his. His CD collection takes up all the room in a whole closet, and he's converted all of them to electronic format. I'm the only thief.

  6. Never heard of Rainbow Brian.

    Ah well, that is sharing between partners then Daisy.

  7. "Never heard of Rainbow Brian."

    Andrew, think the Wiggles without the talent.

  8. Did you see the end of Spicks and Specks yesterday? Not sure if it was a repeat or not though. They showed the clip to a later solo effort By Red Simons called Sex Appeal. If I were him I'd deny all knowledge of its existence. Shirley Strachan made a cameo in it. Very 80's and very cringe worthy.

  9. I did see it Ben. As I said on Jayne's blog when she mentioned it, it is something he really needs to be ashamed of. I missed seeing Shirl though.