Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a day

It was a freezing cold day today in Melbourne. Not only cold, but it rained most of the day. This must be a good thing for our drought starved city. Unlike the heat, the cold does not normally bother me, but today it got to me and what should have an interesting photo taking excursion in North Melbourne, was put on hold until the weather is better. It was enough to get my hair cut in Fitzroy and buy Hugh Lunn's Spies Like Us at the ABC shop at the old city GPO.

I was in the proper city post office yesterday, and ran into an old friend who is working there. He insisted we exchange phone numbers and suggested we should catch up for a drink. I really should not be so anti social, but I hope he was as sincere as I was. The shallow gay focused conversations and laughs we used to have are in the past. I really worry though, at my anti social tendencies. Having said that, we are out for dinner at a fish restaurant in Glenferrie Road Malvern tomorrow night with friends. As often happens, I will change clothes at work and bash off for dinner in a less than refreshed state. The joys of shift work.

R is bothering me about a new car for him, and his old car for me. The least I could do was go and look at a Mazda 3 at City Mazda. I had the location on a note in my pocket and as I walked up William Street, I came across this nice planting of prunus trees. I then realised it was in front of our friend's Fijian Indian boyfriend in South Oakleigh's workplace. In spite of me taking manual control of the camera, the scene looked better in real life than in the photo.


  1. Anonymous11:35 pm

    First of all, I was in the city today, and yes, it was bloody cold. Bring on summer!

    Second of all, the URL you use as a link to your name when posting on Wordpress contains both mine AND your URLs on it. So its kind of a dead link. As much as I appreciate the free publicity, you might not be getting the traffic you deserve.

  2. Ah, it was saturating today Andrew. I had to pop out a few times and I just felt soggy and bedraggled all day. I love the blossums - they always make me think that Spring is coming!

  3. I see what you mean TDW, but it is my address only where it is supposed to be. I will see what I can do next time I comment.

    Just past their best I am told. I also saw magnolias in Gertrude Street. Only place I have ever seen them used as street trees.

  4. A nice splash of colour against a dank and drear day.

  5. What beautiful trees. You're looking forward to a change in the weather?

  6. Anonymous3:48 pm

    I hate summer. I love the cold, wintry and wet feel...Nice and cosy indoors. Very romantic and homely. Keep it up mother nature!

  7. The good thing about late winter Jayne, prunus, magnolia and bulbs.

    Not especially Daisy. Our winters are less severe than yours. This one has been pretty cold.

    With you on that Reuben.