Monday, August 04, 2008

Heard about the Olympic ticketing scandal in Australia?

Bleeding Edge is fairly respectable site. Some blog sites I would not automatically trust who published a tale such as this. I will give Bleeding Edge the benefit of the doubt and immediately link here to the brief article about Australian and world wide Olympic Games ticket buyers being fleeced. If this is true, it is extraordinary. If you have heard the basic info, you only need read the last paragraph, which I will just paste below.

But the real question is this - how can it have taken so long for Aussie consumers to get notified that they need to cancel their holidays because they don't have tickets? The Washington Post run an article on this scam site way back in February, and it was 2 weeks ago that the IOC and USOC filed suit against the companies involved. If the Australian authorities had at least taken action then, those caught up in this would have had time to make other plans - but now it's too little, too late for Australian consumers.


  1. Is there ever an Olypmic Games without a ticketing or other scandal?

  2. Bloody fraudsters. Now if they wanted genuine tickets, all they had to do was come to me.
    'Opening Night Ceremony' tickets: £2.50 each. (Blue boiler suit not included.)
    'Human Rights Abuse - ringside seats': £4.50 each.
    'Totalitarian Regime Cultural Obedience Show': £1.50 each. (£2.00 a couple.)
    'Chinese State Circus': 50 pence per coachload. (Can't get rid of these things.)
    'Tibetan Prisoner Parade': Only £5.00 a ticket for this eight hour spectacular drive past.
    All available now from Honest Hughes Ticket Vendors of Fleetwood.

  3. Because any scandal that diverts attention away from the censorship, protests, beltings, homeless, jobless, smog, drugs, and dogs banned from the restaurant menus is a good thing, Andrew.

  4. Hear, hear Jayne. It is in many respects the 'dirty'games. Andrew, I heard it called that this morning in reference to the smog but there are so many other issues.

  5. Four years is a long time between drinks Victor. We forget so easily.

    I personally vouch for the legitimacy of Honest Hughes Ticket Vendors of Fleetwood.

    Gosh, Jayne. It is a Chinese conspiracy?

    Of course there are many issues LiD. Too many to list. We have a few here too. But I was talking about your common garden variety Chinese, who don't really have a say in anything, are suspicious of the west through indoctrination and yet also want to prove themselves through the presentation of the games as equals. To have some pride in your country must be a human right.

  6. oh those poor scam victims ... missing their one chance to buy hotdogs actually made from dogs.

  7. Good point Andrew. That would be a very positive thing to come out of the Games.

  8. You are too wicked Ann.

    It won't be the only positive thing to come out of the games LiD, like a few positive drug tests.