Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Email from Dreaded Nephew in Hanoi

I wish I could say that he had a disadvantaged upbringing. But he did not. While I know not all kids are like this, I am really in despair, as all of my nieces and nephews are the same with their written expression. Even my sis in law, their mother, is the same. I sent her a late night challenging text.......will I ever learn not to send at night and save for the morning for review, and she replied, i take a fence at that, etc. Can nephew write properly? I really don't know.

Sis in law reported that nephew met up with some people and had a nice lunch and a few drinks at a beachside cafe in Phuket. They all then took a walk along the beach and stopped and sat and then all fell asleep on the sand. Someone went through all their stuffs while they slept. One lass lost everything down to passport, it all being in a handbag. Nephew lost phone and camera. No worry, insurance will pay.

He was only in Phuket because he was waiting for his visa for Vietnam. Given he had planned to go there, what a good idea to wait until you in Thailand to apply for it.

An sms arrived saying that he was having lunch in a beautiful place in Vietnam, looking across the water at mountains. I would guess Hao Long Bay, I think.

Here is a paste of what he sent in an email. You can almost understand it. He mentions land slides from floods, and yes, I read about the floods and many were killed in northern Vietnam and some in Laos too. I never really connected that he was there at the same time. It is actually a great email, full of colour, content and interest, but........

Oh yes, the Lao find his dreads fascinating and are constantly touching them.

neways when did i speak to you last mmm ahhh yer the 2nd day in sapa was awsome i went on a day trek with this tour guide n there was only 3 of us in the group so it was realy good. the photos of this joint are amazing n hopefully ill put them up tonite n tell ya how to get to them. But dont hold it to me, ill let you know when i put them up. but yer lernt heaps of cool stuff like the villagers have there own viagra - a snake in wine, they eat uncooked monkeys brains, awww well they eat anything actually. even the poor puppies that where running round our feet at lunch :( n he told some realy funny stories n shit like this villager that works at the coffee shop that doesnt have very good english. A tourish ordered a coffee n she asked for milk n the villager didnt know what she ment. finally worked out what she wanted n flopped her boob out n chucked some milk in hahahaha there was this one kid on the way that was running round with a big bug tied to a string. looked funny as n got a photo of it. but yer there are very very poor villagers around here n it was abit sad because the little girls try to sell you crafts too because they dont have enough money to go to school. on the way back to sapa from the villages we nilly stacked the bike so many times because from all the landslides from the floods n the mud all over the road made it realy hard, scary but fun as :) overall my trip to sapa was amazing, im realy glad i went up there. was a perfect time too because there was stuff all tourists up there n i got all the attention :)


  1. yeh like itz rad an shit like andy cos ejucashun an shit iz just like yeh innit

    "...a few drinks at a beachside cafe in Phuket..."

    The name should have given it away really.

  2. The grammar and spelling may leave something to be desired but your nephew paints a vivid picture and has something to say.

  3. Thanks you ,thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you Andrew, you've made my day.
    When I proof read FB's posts I don't find anywhere near this many spelling or grammar mistakes lol.
    But I agree with Victor, your nephew does paint a very vivid picture of his travels; teach him to use spell-check and he could be a pretty decent writer :)

  4. Very good Brian. Have you been taking lessons from Vickie Pollard?

    Victor and Jayne, I wonder if it would be as interesting if was properly written.

  5. The spelling is shocking. I blame MySpace, Facebook and Spellcheck not to mention text speak.
    I hate to ask how old he is.

  6. Wow, it is a bit like reading I can haz cheezeburger, haha. I worry when I write my notes at work, which are legally binding etc etc, that I will write like I type in my sms to people. When I am tired, I do have to concentrate.. I have always been proud of how my English study results have been in my schooling, I just don't want it to be lost with our modern way of sms'ing and all that jazz.

  7. Ah, to be young again and not care, huh?

  8. 21 Jahteh, clearly my newphew turning 21 post had slipped your mind. Well, mine too actually.

    Good analogy Cazzie. I blame sms. It is a lot harder to capatalize and punctuate when writing an sms.

  9. I was never like that Daisy, although R tells me he was.