Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Building's Newsletter

We were quite proud of our newsletter effort. We checked it many times, pulled sentences apart, arguing over points of grammar and style and finally we thought it was ready to go to the proof reader. (and no, I am not going to do any of that for my blog posts)

The proof reader, a retired school teacher who is a resident, took it away to her holiday house over the weekend and returned it the following Monday with a nice note and a 10/10 mark.

It went before the committee last Tuesday night for approval of content. A tick there.

R emailed it to the building managing company Wednesday morning for printing. Email back saying printing was under way. A few minutes later, an email from the secretary of the Owners Corporation who had found two mistakes, a mistakenly repeated word and a 'the' that should have had a capital letter.

I was angry with myself for missing it, surprised that our proof reader did not pick it up and surprised no one else noticed.

If no one noticed it when checking it, except for one who has someone in the OC secretary's office who is a very good proof reader, then not many others will notice......we hoped.

131 copies of the newsletter were delivered, for us to distribute, by the building management company and there was an ink smudge on every page in the same place and it was printed on very cheap paper and looked awful. They are not obliged to print it, so we can't insist that it be redone.

It was the straw that tipped the donkey's broken back over the edge, so we have decided to re print it ourselves at our expense on expensive bright white paper.

Now the extra delay has resulted in our piece about the about to be commissioned new bicycle storage room being redundant, as the room has opened.

There were some serious lessons for us to learn.


  1. Lesson number one being that retired school teachers are lying when they tell you they've actually bothered to read your work.

  2. isn't Hughsie just a pet, cutting straight through to the heart of the matter.

    I was going to say 'No good deed goes unpunished' and wonder if that saying 'Publish and be damned' was inspired by a similar project.

    Just mix a robust cocktail, and always remember in future dealings, that the OC secretary has an eye for detail.
    mwah mwah

  3. To put it succinctly Brian, she read it and missed the errors. She is incompetent as a proof reader, not necessarily as a school teacher. She is of the old school type school teacher and very sincere.

    Well Ann, it was publish and be damned until we saw the ink smudges and cheap ugly paper. I don't make an effort with spelling, grammar and sentence construction with my blog writing, but if I have to do something proper, then I want it proper. While technically our names are not on it, imagine how I would feel if I was in the lift and overheard someone saying, did you see the clangers in the newsletter?

  4. Yep, if you're going to do a job, do it properly.
    That's a shame but a good learning curve and your next one will be easier and quicker to do ;)

  5. Here's some news, I heard pal Jeff talking on SBS radio today just before the Hawthorn Richmond game, he was saying (among other things) that the AFL was too socialist. Then Hawthorn trotted out and got murdered. What a shock. Biggest shock of the season. Poor Jeff.

    (Go Tigers!)


  6. Will you use the same company for printing again, or are you planning to absorb the cost in future editions?

  7. Not so sure it will be easier Jayne.

    My heart is bleeding for him Robert.

    The secretary of the owners corporation printed them last time Daisy, and he did a great job...well his office is. This is a one off and we aren't going to paying again.