Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boy Alert

I often worry when I hear the phrase, 'political correctness gone mad'. It often prefaces a prejudiced rant of some kind which is not based on facts. Of course, I have no prejudices and would never rant about anything. But here is a fine old example of the above.

A lad has gone missing in Melbourne. He is nine years old and his name is Yadav. It has been suggested here that if he was lost in the western suburbs and not the eastern, that there would not be such a fuss. I don't like to think so, but this is possibly correct.

The lad enjoys riding on public transport, especially trams, so it is thought that he could be just riding around.

On a tram twice today I heard a public announcement from the tram control centre, at the request of police, along the lines to be on the look out for him. The gave his name, his age, a description of the clothes he was wearing and that was about it. Now have a look at his picture if you have not seen a photo yet. Is there something else about him that makes him at all distinctive in a country with a predominantly Anglo Saxon Celtic population?

To omit the bleeding obvious almost makes me think that the authorities are not even serious about him being found. I wonder if it was Yarra Trams or Victoria Police who omitted what might help identify him, or draw the attention of a member of the public?

Oh yeah, if you see him, best to call the police, as if you wouldn't.


  1. he looks a dear little boy and I hope he is not suffering wherever he is, but yes of course if the stupid bastards wanted him found they might mention that he looks a bit indian fer chrissakes.

  2. His background has been mentioned in print media, but now you mention it I do remember them not saying anything during those announcements on the tram.

    Every time I heard it it was awful as I can't imagine what the parents are going through. Mind you, I am glad it wasn't the Bionic Bitch who did the announcements. You know who I'm talking about - the morning shift woman with that voice dripping in contempt and devoid of anything genuine...

  3. I really hope he is ok Ann.

    Fortunately Rob, you can switch her voice off in the immediate location.

  4. It's been nearly a week and still no sign of him. The posters at Flinders Street have gone already. Yesterday (or the day before) his mother and father were still hopeful he is alive, hope they are right.

    Poor kid hope they find him.

  5. A real mystery Ben. Vanished into thin air. They have had a caravan at the location and were questioning people on trams yesterday.